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This article will walk you step by step on what needs to be set up within QuickBooks Desktop and Aspire in order to lay the foundation of your payroll processes and to start exporting your payroll!

This includes:

  1. Configuring Quickbooks Desktop

  2. Creating Pay Codes for Pay Schedules

  3. Creating Pay Schedules for employee contact records

  4. Adding Quickbooks Employee Numbers and Pay Schedules to Employee Contact Records

  5. Checking Branch and Division Codes

  6. Running Web Connector

Setup within QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, log into your QuickBooks Desktop account.

  • Then, go to the New Customer tab and add a new customer called "Aspire System."

  • Next, go into each employee record within QuickBooks Desktop to check that every Employee you will be exporting hours for in Aspire has an Account No./ Employee ID. The Employee ID box is located for each employee’s record on the Additional Info tab.

    • In Aspire, we label this field as the Employee Number.

    ⚠️ If using Account Numbers for vendors, make sure an employee number in QuickBooks is not the same as a vendor account number.

  • Ensure that the employees that will be exported from Aspire to QuickBooks do not have a class assigned to them in Quickbooks on their Payroll Info Tab.

  • While in the Payroll Info tab of your employee, check the checkbox at the bottom left called Use time data to create paychecks for all employees that will have hours exported from Aspire.

  • From the top toolbar, select Edit then Preferences,

  • Then, choose Time & Expenses then select the Company Preferences tab. If the box Mark all time entries as billable is checked under the Time Tracking section uncheck that box and click OK.

  • Still in Preferences, choose Payroll & Employees and then the Company Preferences tab. Make sure the box Job Costing, Class and Item Tracking for paycheck expenses is checked.

  • Also, below that box, within the Assign one class per row – make sure Earnings Item is chosen. Click OK.

Setup within Aspire

Creating Pay Codes in Aspire

Now, that we have the settings configured in QuickBooks Desktop, let's go into the Aspire system.

When adding the needed employee information, each employee must have a Pay Schedule assigned to them. However, Pay Schedules require Pay Codes.

This means you should create your pay codes in Aspire before you can create Pay Schedules. You should at least have a Default Pay Code and a Default OT Pay Code, if applicable.

If you haven't created Pay Codes yet, follow these instructions. Otherwise, click here to skip to the next section.

  • To set up your Pay Codes in Aspire, click the Settings area at the bottom left hand side of the menu.

  • Then go into the Administration area by selecting the gear icon.

  • Once in the Administration area, stay on the Application tab and go to the Lists subsection. In the dropdown, select the Pay Code list.

  • In the top right hand corner, select the New button to add a new Pay Code. The Pay Codes must be less than 10 characters and exactly match the Pay Codes or Item Name as they're called in QuickBooks Desktop. An example is shown below.

    • ❗ If you create new Pay Codes that do not exist in Quickbooks Desktop, add that Payroll Item to each employee in QuickBooks Desktop. If there is a Pay Code exported to QuickBooks for a payroll item that isn’t attached to an employee, that employee will be paid $0 for those hours.

Creating Pay Schedules in Aspire

Now that we have created Pay Codes, we can now setup the Pay Schedules.

  • To set up your Pay Schedules in Aspire, click the Settings area at the bottom left hand side of the menu.

  • Then go into the Administration area by selecting the gear icon.

  • Once in the Administration area, stay on the Application tab and go to the Lists subsection. In the dropdown, select the Pay Schedule list.

  • You should have at least one Pay Schedule set up with the appropriate Pay Codes assigned.

Add Employee Number and Pay Schedule to Employee Records

  • To begin, all employees must have a branch and employee number assigned to them. Go to the Contacts module and click into each employee record to assign a Branch to their record.

    • You can also display Primary Branch to your list and filter for Contact Type of Employee to not have to click into each record to verify.

  • For each employee record, scroll down towards the bottom of your employee's contact page to the Payroll section.

  • Add the pay schedule that was created previously to each employee record.

  • As well, add the unique employee numbers to all employees that will have hours exported to QuickBooks. The employee numbers must match the employee numbers in Quickbooks Desktop.

Check Branch and Division Codes

  • All Aspire Branch Codes and Division Codes must match QuickBooks Desktop's classes exactly. There is a limit of 6 characters on these two codes.

  • To verify, review the codes used for branches and divisions within Quickbooks Desktop. This is what it should look like in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • To verify the Branch Codes used in Aspire, go to the Organization tab within Administration and click the Branches subsection. Review the Branch Code column.

  • To verify the Division Code used in Aspire, go to the Application tab within Administration and click the Lists subsection. Select the Division list from the dropdown. Review the Division Code column.

Before Processing the First Payroll

  • Run Web Connector before exporting payroll as this will bring in the 'Accounting Sync ID' information from QuickBooks into Aspire for your employee's records in the Payroll section of the Contact Record.

  • Verify all employees and their hours for the week on the Aspire Weekly Time Review screen show as approved. If payroll is bi-weekly, each week will be exported into Quickbooks Desktop.

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