Syncing Aspire to QuickBooks Desktop

This article walks through the steps to setup to sync between Aspire and QuickBooks Desktop.

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If your company is using QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting system, read this article! Following these steps will make sure that QuickBooks Desktop is successfully synced with Aspire.

If you are in the Implementation process, a Quickbooks Desktop web connector password has been generated for your company already. Check with your IM if you have not received it yet.

If your company has graduated, submit a ticket to AspireCare to request a QuickBooks Desktop web connector password. When you have received that password for the web connector, then you can proceed.

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Setup in QuickBooks Desktop

Records will sync automatically in QuickBooks Desktop when information gets entered into Aspire. Without completing the sync, the information recorded in Aspire would need to be manually entered to your accounting system.


Confirm that you have these accounts in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Checking Account

    • Account Type - Bank Account

  • Accounts Receivable

    • Account Type - Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

    • Account Type - Accounts Payable

Add the following accounts to your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop if you do not have them already.

  • Inventory Holding

    • Account Type - Other Current Asset

The accounts below are Sub Accounts under Inventory Holding.

  • Inventory Holding - Material

  • Inventory Holding - Equipment

  • Inventory Holding - Sub

  • Inventory Holding - Other

    • Account Type - Other Current Asset

If your company is Earned Revenue

For Earned Revenue accounting, you will need to add additional accounts in your Chart of Accounts. These do not need to be added for the sync, but will need to be added before using Aspire.

  • Over/Under (Earned Revenue Greater than Invoiced)

    • Account Type - Other Asset

  • Over/Under (Invoiced Revenue Greater than Earned)

    • Account Type - Other Current Liability

  • Revenue Variance

    • Account Type - Income

Other Steps to Complete in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Verify you have a customer called Aspire System in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Aspire recommends cleaning up your vendor list and deactivating any vendors that you do not use in QuickBooks. Once vendors come over into Aspire, deactivate any vendors you would not use in Aspire. This ensures you do not use the incorrect vendor for Purchase Receipts.

    • Examples: utilities, notes payable, insurance, etc.

  • Aspire pulls vendors from QuickBooks Desktop from the company name field first and if that field is blank, it will look at the vendor name.

📌 Note: For any new vendors moving forward, you will need to create those vendors in QuickBooks Desktop, and they will sync over to Aspire.

Syncing QuickBooks Desktop With Aspire

📌 Note: This process is for syncing one QuickBooks Accounting system. If you need to sync to multiple, unique Quickbooks Desktop company files, reach out to AspireCare.

⚠️ Both Aspire and QuickBooks Desktop need to be open on your computer for this step. In QuickBooks Desktop, you need to be logged in as the Administrator to the account. If any changes are needed, you will need to be in Single-User Mode.

Begin in Aspire:

  • Select your Profile Icon in the blue side menu, then select Administration.

  • Click Configuration.

  • Select Accounting Sync.

  • On the drop down Integrate with External Accounting at System Level, choose QuickBooks Desktop from the dropdown.

  • Click the .qwc file to download the web connector file.

  • Once the file has downloaded, the Authorize New Web Service window opens.

  • On this window, click OK.

  • The QuickBooks – Application Certificate window will display. Select Yes, Always Allow Access even if QuickBooks is not running.

  • The Authorization window appears, click Yes to proceed.

  • Then, pick your Administrator from the drop down. Then, click Continue.

📌 Note: If you have more than one user in QuickBooks, you will have to manually select your Administrator user from the drop down.

  • After, the Access Confirmation window will show up on your screen. Select Done.

  • Next, the web connector window appears.

    • This can take a few minutes.

    • If your web connector does not open right away, click on the flashing QuickBooks icon on your computer's desktop toolbar.

  • Paste the password you received from AspireCare into the password box.

  • Select the check box next to HTTPSQBDesktop, and then press Update Selected to run the web connector manually.

  • To automatically run your web connector, check the Auto-Run box.

    • If you have multiple web connectors, you cannot select Auto-Run.

    • If you have one web connector installed on multiple computers, you should only set Auto-Run on one of your devices.

📌 Note: If you see the error saying Invalid password for username, double check your credentials. If you need additional assistance on your web connector password, please submit a ticket to AspireCare to make sure nothing has changed.

If everything is setup correctly, you will see the following screen below. This indicates that Aspire and QuickBooks are synced!

Sync Meeting for QuickBooks Desktop

If you need additional support when syncing QuickBooks Desktop to Aspire, a sync meeting is also an option. The meeting will discuss the syncing steps listed above.

🧠 Depending on your sales tier, an Aspire Accounting Specialist will schedule a call for your QuickBooks sync. If you are a Cohort client or are not in Implementation, to get your sync call scheduled, please submit a support ticket to AspireCare.

  • Make sure you have access to the Administrator account in Single-User Mode for QuickBooks, so you can make necessary changes during the call.

  • You will need to screen share to display QuickBooks and Aspire on your computer.

  • This meeting will confirm that your Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Desktop is configured correctly.

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