If your company is using QuickBooks Desktop for payroll and accounting, this procedure will help you sync Aspire to QuickBooks Desktop. This will make sure that Quickbooks Desktop is updated with the transactions that take place in Aspire.

⚠️ Without successfully syncing, QuickBooks may not be up-to-date and/or users will be duplicating work.

Table of Contents

Setup Aspire for Web Connector

❗ Before beginning this process, you will need to request a QuickBooks Desktop Password from Aspire Support. This can be done by submitting a ticket through Aspire Care. When you have received that password, then you can proceed.

❗ Both Aspire APP and QuickBooks needs to be opened on your computer.

  • In Aspire

    • Select Settings in the blue bar menu at the bottom left hand corner then select Administration at the top section

    • Click the Configuration option in the top right hand corner.

    • Select the Accounting Sync Tab

      • Integrate with External Accounting at System Level and choose QuickBooks Desktop from the dropdown.

The "HTTP..." file to download next to "Download the web connector file" is what you will want to download.

  • Once the file has downloaded, save it to your desktop downloads file.

  • Select Update Web Services.

    • Add an application which is at the bottom right of your screen above "Hide and Exit".

  • Authorize New Web Service will come up: Click OK

  • The QuickBooks – Application Certificate window will display. Select “Yes, Always Allow Access even if QuickBooks is not running” then click Continue

  • The Access Confirmation window will show up on your screen. Select Done.

  • Aspire is now able to sync to QuickBooks.

Setup QuickBooks for Web Connector

  • Click on File at the top Left of the screen

  • Find the file in which you just downloaded into your Desktop Downloads File

  • This should download your file

  • If the QBWeb Connector – Error window comes up on your screen select OK, and follow the steps here to make it go away.

  • Once the Application is opened the Authorize New Web Service window will come up again. Select OK

  • The QuickBooks Web Connector2.1.0.30 window will show up

  • In the Password section, add your password.

  • Select the check box to the far left, and then select Update Selected

Web Connector Error

  • Go to the saved Downloaded Document on your desktop

  • Locate the file and Right Click on the saved file

    • Select Open With – and then open in Notepad

    • You will have to slightly modify the OwnerID and FileID. A-F will work alphabetically, and 0-9 will work numerically

    • Instead of CCC – make it BBC

    • Instead of 6191FC3F9C28d – Change one of the numbers or letters

  • After you have made the changes, go up to the File tab at the top left of the screen and save it as is.

  • Go back in and try to add an application again. It should work this time.

📌 If you see an error saying "Invalid password for username...", be sure to double check the credentials.

  • If everything is setup correctly, you will see the following screen. This indicates that Aspire and QuickBooks are now able to sync.

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