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Time Entry Acceptance Workflow and Checklist
Time Entry Acceptance Workflow and Checklist

In this article, learn how to best review daily time on crews' routes. We also provide a handy checklist as you're learning the workflow!

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To start the acceptance process, navigate to the Scheduling module from the home screen.

You'll arrive at the Schedule board. Right click on the route and day you would like to review and select Open Time Entry.

You will now see the Time Entry screen for that specific day and route.

It's now time to start the daily time acceptance process! To start, it's best to breakdown the time entry screen into 3 sections:

Clock Time ➡️ Direct Job Time ➡️ Indirect Job Time

  1. Clock Time: Rows get added to this section when crew members clock into Aspire's mobile app from their mobile devices in the field. Each row represents a clock-in / clock-out pair for one or more crew members.

  2. Direct Job Time: This section allows time spent on customer jobs (directly billed to customers) to be allocated to specific jobs during the day.

  3. Indirect Job Time: This section displays work tickets created to report time spent on internal tasks such as training or meetings.

Let's start with the Clock Time section!

Clock Time

  1. First, check that the appropriate crew members are listed on the screen.

  2. Is there is anyone missing? They must be added by using the + sign in the bottom left corner of the Clock Time section.

    📌 Note: If you can't find the employee you are looking for, they are more than likely on another route.

  3. Is the Start time correct? Remember that the time is indicated in twenty-four hour time!

  4. Is the End time correct? Remember that the time is indicated in twenty-four hour time!

  5. Did the crew take a lunch break?

  6. Is the total amount of time correct (in hours)?

Direct Job Time

For Direct Time, review the following:

  1. Are the work tickets listed on the screen correct?

  2. If any tickets need to be added, click the plus sign at the bottom left corner of the screen. Add an Existing Ticket or a Quick Ticket.

  3. Is the start time correct for each work ticket?

  4. Is the end time correct for each work ticket?

  5. If a lunch was indicated under the Clock Time, be sure that the box is checked next to the ticket that the lunch time should come out of. If the crew did not take a lunch on a job site, then the checkbox would not be selected next to the job.

  6. Is the work ticket complete? If so, check the checkbox for Complete.

  7. Be sure that the pay code section remains as If Needed unless you need a specific rate to override.

  8. The hours should be filled in from Aspire's mobile app and appear green. If the employee did not work on a specific ticket, click the green box in that column so they do not have time on that work ticket.

Indirect Time

  1. Should there be an indirect time indicated? Did the crew have shop time? Is there holiday time that should be applied to this employee?

  2. Is there a specific pay code for the internal service? Typical pay code examples are PTO or Holiday. These are exempt from overtime depending on how the pay code was built.

Time Entry Acceptance Checklist

As you keep learning the flow of daily time acceptance, we've provided you a simple checklist to go through! You can download your own checklist below. 👇

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