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Learn how to create a service in Administration!

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What is a Service?

A service is the work performed by your company. Services are a part of a Work Order or Contract Opportunity and must be created in the service catalog before being added to an estimate on an opportunity.

Some examples of services include: MT - Edging Service, MT - Fall Cleanup, CON- Grading, EN - Plant Install


⚠️ To create, edit, or inactivate a service, you must have:

  • System Admin access or

  • Branch Admin access (with Enhanced Branch Admin Security)


  1. Click Settings

  2. Click Administration

3. Click the Estimating tab

4. Click Service Catalog subsection

5. Click the blue New button

The New Service screen will appear.

6. First, enter the Service Name using a prefix for the matching division.

💡 Using a prefix helps when determining which service is desired for an opportunity if you have multiples of the same Services with different corresponding Divisions.

For example, if you are creating a new service for Planting under your enhancement division, you would enter EN - Planting as the Service Name. EN would be the prefix representing Enhancement.

7. Enter the Display Name. The Display Name is what will be printed on the opportunity and invoices. This will automatically populate when the Service Name is entered. Be sure to check this is how you want this service displayed to your client.

8. Enter the Abbreviation. This is limited to 20 characters and is how the service name is displayed to the crew leader using Aspire's mobile app.

9. Select an existing Service Type so that this service is assigned to the correct division. (Click here to review creating service types.)

10. Select the specific branch where the service will be available or leave it blank if available for all branches. This field is only available when the advanced branch security permission is set in the company configuration page.

11. Select the item types that are taxable.

12. If desired, enter a minimum charge that Aspire can recommend for the service.

13. If needed, enter in a sort order. This affects the order in which services are added to the Route Screen as well as reorder services on a contract opportunity once the estimate is saved.

For example: Services entered for Snow could have three services with a sort order:

  1. Snow Plow 1-3" (10),

  2. Snow Plow 4-6" (20),

  3. Snow Plow >6" (30).

If an estimator selects,

  1. Snow Plow 4-6", (20)

  2. Snow Plow 1-3" (10), and then

  3. Snow Plow >6" (30),

Then once the estimate is saved, the services will be reordered to:

  1. Snow Plow 1-3" (10),

  2. Snow Plow 4-6" (20),

  3. Snow Plow >6 (30).

14. If needed, select a form for the Crew Leader to complete once a work ticket has been completed.

15. Check the box if the service should be available on Contracts too. All services are available on Work Orders.

16. You can also check the box to Require Approval before the ticket can be invoiced.

📌 Note: Aspire recommends all T&M services to require approval. Example: Irrigation Repairs

17. The Multi-Visit checkbox allows crew leaders to complete the work ticket, which prompts a form, without putting the work ticket in complete status. It also allows auto expenses for subcontractors to be purchased per time-period rather than requiring that the work ticket be complete.

18. Default Pay Code is used to specify a particular pay code associated with that service. This is commonly used for snow services since employees are often paid a premium for working on these types of services.

19. Workers’ Comp Code can be used by a payroll provider to specify hours worked within the workers’ comp code.

20. Service descriptions are commonly displayed on a proposal to further describe the service to a client.

21. When finished, click Save in the upper right.

Can a Service Be Deleted?

Once a service is created in the system, it is not able to be deleted. However, it can be inactivated using the yellow toggle at the top of the screen.

Toggle to make the service Active or Inactive.

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