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What is a Service Type?

Service Types are used to group services and tie them to your divisions. They are the link between divisions and services to break down the pricing mark ups on your opportunities.

Examples of Service Types, like for a Maintenance Division, would be Mowing, Plant Health Care, Mulching, or Pruning.


⚠️ To create or edit Service Types, the user must have System Admin access.


To add a new Service Type, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings, then Administration

2. Click Application

3. Click Lists.

4. A drop down will appear. Click Select A List, scroll down, and click Service Type.

5. Click the blue New icon to create a new Service Type.

6. When creating a new Service Type, the Active slide will automatically be yellow and to the right. (In order to inactivate a service type, click the Active slider while the service type is Active. It will then turn grey.)

7. Enter the Service Type Name. We'll name this: Maintenance | Mowing

8. Click from the drop down menu which division this Service Type will be linked to.

9. The Sort Order is optional and can be used to display the Service Types in a specific order. As with all sort orders, the lower the number, the higher it will show on your list.

📌 Note: The new service type will not be in use until it is assigned to a service within the service catalog. See the example below.

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