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Property Type Fields and Integration Codes
Property Type Fields and Integration Codes

Aspire has created Integration Codes; learn how these codes assist in further tracking your data with the help of an API Integration.

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There are a few fields that have been made to work in tandem with API integrations that have recently been released in Aspire.

Those fields are: Property Type, Property Type Integration Code, Service Type Integration Code and Division Integration Code.

When in Administration, under lists, when you go to the new Property Type field or to Service Type you have the opportunity to enter an Integration Code. If you create a new Division or edit an existing Division, you also have the option to enter in an Integration Code.

The new Property Type field performs a similar function to what the Industry field does on Properties created in your system and can be found on an individual property in the Properties module.

These fields are primarily for large companies that have multiple Aspire systems that plan to keep their systems separate for business purposes. Large clients that have unique Service Types could use the Service Integration Code on the branch level. With these fields entered, an API integration could be used to categorize this data for custom accounting and analyzation purposes.

You will see the Type and Integration code fields regardless of using an API integration with your Aspire system, but would be most helpful for those that seek more granular data tracking.

Property Type Field

The Property Type field can be specific to accounting, but can be used for any type of categorization, or recategorization on the Property details screen.

You can set up Property Types in Administration ➡️ Application ➡️ Lists ➡️ Property Type.

This is an optional field by default, but you can designate Property Type as a required field if needed.

Property, Service and Division Integration Codes

The Integration Code fields for Property Type, Service Type and Division are optional. They are used for API integration functionality. You may use up to 50 characters when creating your Integration Codes.

Example values for Service Type field might be: Holiday Décor, and the division might be Snow. Or, if Service Type name was Enhancement, the Integration Code could be Construction.

Example values for the Property Type field might be: Commercial, Residential, Hardscape or Class A.

Example values for Division Type field might be: Maintenance, Overhead, Enhancement.

Where the New Field Types Appear in Aspire

After you have added your Type and Integration fields, you can search with these fields in certain modules of your system.

In the Properties and Opportunities Modules

The Property Type field is found in advanced search lists for the Properties and Opportunities modules.

In Reports

The Revenue Over/Under line in the End of Month Report and the Invoice Revenue to Cost displays Invoice and Property type and their corresponding Integration codes.

All new Type fields and Integration Codes appear as searchable in the Reports module in the End of Month Report ▶️ Total ▶️ Expense Work Tickets.

📑 To learn more about API integrations, please read How an API Will Improve User Experience, found here.

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