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Using Custom Forms in Aspire Mobile
Using Custom Forms in Aspire Mobile

Learn how to set up Custom Forms for your Crew Leaders to use in Aspire Mobile!

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📌 Note: Before reading this article, System Admins should review our Which Mobile App is Right For You? Functionality available in Crew Mobile may not currently be available in Aspire Mobile until future releases.

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The Custom Forms feature allows you to use forms and checklists that match your unique workflow needs when working in Aspire Mobile. Use forms to capture critical information and reduce paperwork.

Whether you want to use Clock-In, Clock-Out or Complete Ticket forms, this tool gives you the flexibility to build and use forms specific to your business.

With customized forms, you can gather consistent data, standardize processes, and elevate productivity!

📌Note: Custom Forms must be created and published in Administration in order for Crew Leaders to view and use.


✅To create Custom Forms, you need to have System Admin assigned to your user role.

✅To view reporting related to Custom Forms, you need to have View Mobile Forms Report added to your user role.

✅To see Custom Forms in the Time Entry screen or in the Work Tickets module, you need to have Full Access to Schedule Board added to your user role.

Form Types

There are three types of Custom Forms that can be created and displayed in Aspire Mobile.

The types are:

  • Clock In Custom Forms

  • Clock Out Custom Forms

  • Complete Ticket Custom Forms

You can create multiple forms of each form type. Aspire will only allow a company to publish one Clock In form and one Clock Out form at a time.

For Complete Ticket forms, you can publish multiple forms and associate them with different services. Once a Complete Ticket form has been published, it must be assigned to one or more services before it will become available for display on the mobile device.

When a crew leader marks a work ticket as complete in Aspire Mobile, if a service has a form assigned, Aspire displays the form and collects information from the crew leader.

Setting up Custom Forms

To create a new form, head to your Administration Settings. Click on Application, and then Custom Forms.

  • Select New to create a new Custom Form.

  • The New Form screen appears. You’d complete the form and the mandatory fields, and also add any additional fields as needed.

In this example, we need to create a work ticket completion form to add to certain services we know will be performed onsite. We created a Form Name, and selected the Form Type of Complete Ticket. The Version Number will be grayed out, and that’s because this number automatically gets updated by Aspire when you are creating or updating a form.

After the name and type have been entered, it’s now time to make the form questions.

  • Click the gray plus icon to create a new form question.

  • You can enter a Field Name, choose to check the box to make a response Required for your question, type the English Description and Spanish Description and select what type of response you want with the Field Type dropdown.

You can set up different response Field Types based on the following options. This tells Aspire to ask your Custom Form questions in a specific format to your Crew Leaders.

The different Field Types are:

  • String - Allows responses in sentence form.

  • Date - Allows crew leaders enter a date as a response.

  • Whole Number - Allows responses as numbers with no decimal point.

  • Decimal Number - Allows responses as numbers that allow a decimal point.

  • Checkbox - Provides Crew Leaders with a checkbox to select when they see the custom form question.

  • Currency - Allows Crew Leaders to respond to the custom form question with dollar and cent values.

  • List - Allows Crew Leaders to select from a drop down of canned selections.

  • *Temperature - Allows Crew Leaders to enter the temperature.

  • *Wind Speed - Allows Crew Leaders to enter the wind speed.

  • *Wind Direction - Allows the Crew Leader to enter the wind direction.

📌 Note: *If one of the starred Field Types is selected, then these questions will automatically be filled with an answer based on the Crew Leader’s GPS location if services are enabled. Crew Leaders can override the data that is automatically added, if they choose.

Once your Custom Form has been created with all of your questions, you can Save.

  • Select the 3 dot menu and click Publish.

🧠Remember, Aspire will only allow you to publish one Clock In form and one Clock Out form at a time.

With Complete Ticket forms you can publish multiple forms and tie them to different services. Once a Complete Ticket form has been published, it must be assigned to one or more services before it becomes available on your crew leader’s mobile devices.

Assigning a Complete Ticket Form to a Service

You can assign Custom Forms to services individually on the Service screen or in Bulk Actions under the Service Catalog.

  • In Administration, select the Estimating tab and then Service Catalog.

  • Select your service from the catalog list that you want to attach the Custom Form.

  • In the Service Details screen, you can then attach your Form to the Service. Select Save to apply your changes.

The Service then can be used on Opportunity Estimates. Once the Opportunity is In Production and the work ticket that has the service is marked as Complete, the Custom Form is shown to the Crew Leader in Aspire Mobile.

After setting up your Custom Forms, your Crew Leaders can begin using them with Aspire Mobile.

We will show examples of each form type in the next section! 👇

Using Custom Forms in Aspire Mobile

Once Custom Forms are published in Aspire Desktop, they will appear in Aspire Mobile and Crew Leaders can use them during their daily workflow. Their responses are synced to Aspire Desktop for your office staff to use.

Completing Clock In Forms

Crew Leader Camille is starting her workday. When she opens Aspire Mobile and clicks Clock In, she sees a custom form that she needs to complete.

The form asks for things like:

  1. If equipment got loaded into her truck for the day.

  2. If her tires got inflated.

  3. If the blinker on her vehicle is working.

Camille responds to each question on the form with a response. When she's done, she clicks Submit. Her clock in is complete and the form responses are saved.

Completing Work Ticket Completion Forms

Custom Forms also can be displayed for your Crew Leaders to complete before a work ticket is marked as completed. This makes sure that your team in office receives important information before the next work ticket is started.

In the example below, a Work Ticket Completion Form was set up and attached to the service that Camille and her crew services during their shift.

Camille and her team just finished installing plants at her clients’ property. Before completing the work ticket in Aspire Mobile, she sees a Complete Ticket form pop up.

The form asks two questions:

  1. What was the wind speed during the job?

  2. What was the temperature while you were onsite?

She enters 15 mph for the wind speed and 65 degrees for the temperature on the form.

Once she fills in the details, Camille clicks Submit. The form information gets saved with the rest of the completed work ticket information.

Completing Clock Out Forms

If a Clock Out Form is turned on, when Crew Leaders use the Clock Out button, the custom form that has been set up will appear.

Crew Leader Camille is finishing up her shift. She opens Aspire Mobile and selects Clock Out to end her day.

First, Camille confirms she wants to clock her and her crew out. Then a Clock Out Form appears.

The form asks:

  1. Did anyone from the team leave early today?

  2. If yes, who left early?

Camille goes over her team's attendance, checking if anyone left early and enters in the requested information. Then, she clicks the Submit button.

📌Note: The form will not appear if the crew leader only clocks out another crew member.

All form responses captured by Aspire Mobile are synced to the Mobile Forms Report in Time Entry and also in the Reporting module.

Reviewing Custom Form Responses

Once crew leaders fill out custom forms in Aspire Mobile, office staff can review the responses in a few different places in Aspire Desktop.

In Time Entry, Custom Form responses will be attached to the associated time entry. Staff can look at Time Entry to see a single submission for a specific work ticket.

In the Reporting Module, all form submissions are displayed in the Mobile Forms report. The search list view automatically groups together responses by form.

In Time Entry

To review Custom Form data for Clock In or Clock Out forms, you can view individual responses by day on the Time Entry Screen.

Let’s say we wanted to review the Clock-in Form that Crew Leader Camille submitted on Wednesday the 20th for her crew's job for the Install Spring Color work ticket.

  • Navigate to the Scheduling module, select the Work Ticket from the Schedule Board and then Open Time Entry.

  • The Time Entry screen appears. To view the Clock In or Clock Out forms, click one of the Clock Time entries and the report form information is displayed.

The responses to the questions on the Custom Form are shown in the report details screen.

Here’s an example of when the Clock in Form for Crew Leader Camille is selected:

On Work Tickets

To view Complete Work Ticket Form responses, navigate to the work ticket that was completed.

Let’s now review the Complete Work Ticket form that Crew Leader Camille recorded for the Install Spring Color work ticket.

  • For work tickets that had this type of form attached to their service, there is a timestamped Complete Ticket Form box on the work ticket details screen.

  • After clicking on this box, the Completion Form details appear and display the question and response.

In the Reporting Module

In the Reporting module, all form submissions are displayed in the Mobile Forms report.

Let's say we wanted to see the Work Ticket Completion Forms that have been submitted. We would need to review the Mobile Forms report in the Reporting module.

  • Click the Reporting module button in the blue side menu.

  • Choose Mobile Forms report under Administration.

The search list view automatically groups responses by form. You can use the search list filters to review other Custom Forms, form types, or submissions by your Crew Leaders within this report.

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