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Which Mobile App is Right For Your Crew?
Which Mobile App is Right For Your Crew?

Learn what's currently available in Aspire Mobile to know when to switch your crews over from Crew Mobile!

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With Aspire’s new version of the mobile application Aspire Mobile, deciding when to switch your team over is a big decision. You will know what's best for your company and what features they will need. In future releases, more functionality will be added to reach the same functionality level as Crew Mobile.

Listed below are the differences of what’s currently available in Aspire Mobile, with this current release compared to Crew Mobile, which eventually will be retired.

🧠 This article will be updated as more features are added to the Aspire Mobile Platform.

Current Feature Availability

Crew Mobile functionality currently not included in this release of Aspire Mobile are:

  • Partial Occurrence Tickets

    • If you use Partial Occurrence Tickets during Snow season, you might want to consider using Crew Mobile a bit longer until the next iteration of Aspire Mobile is available.

  • Creating New Documents or Attachments

    • While you can view Documents in Aspire Mobile, you would not be able to create new Documents.

  • Completing Equipment Inspections

  • Using the Visit Checklist

🧠 Remember, these, along with some new features of Aspire Mobile will be available in the upcoming release cycles!

Feature Comparison Between Crew Mobile and Aspire Mobile

Below is a quick chart to review what is available with the first version of Aspire Mobile:

Current Feature Availability

Crew Mobile

Aspire Mobile

Updated Design

Offline Capabilities

Creating Issues

Quick Tickets

Partial Occurrence Tickets

Create New Documents or Attachments

Equipment Inspections

Visit Checklist

Indirect Services

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