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Using Service Visit Checklists
Using Service Visit Checklists

Service Visit Checklists make sure tasks get completed while crews are onsite and learn here about the Visit Checklist report!

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Enhance your work ticket management by creating a Service Visit Checklist that individually lists tasks to be completed during a service. This helps your team make sure specific tasks are carried out before a work ticket is completed.

A crew is performing work on your customer’s property and needs to prune trees that were planted last year. Part of your maintenance service during the current visit is to clean up leftover debris. In order to make sure that your crew completes this portion of their work, you can enforce a Service Visit Checklist before they can mark the work ticket in Aspire as complete!

Along with the Service Visit Checklist, you are provided a report regarding Service Visit information with the Visit Checklist report.


✅You must have View Visit Checklists enabled under your user role to view the Visit Checklists Report.

✅To make a Visit Checklist item mandatory you must have Make Visit Checklist Items Mandatory in the Service Catalog permission enabled for your user role.

Setting Up the Service Visit Checklist

First, Service Visit Checklists need to be turned on to use at the system and branch level.

Then, you can set up a Visit Checklist under a service. The service can then be added to opportunities for your properties. Each time the service with the attached Visit Checklist is included on the opportunity, when the work ticket service occurs, the checklist is also included for your crews to complete.

  • Turn Service Visit Checklists on at the system level by navigating to your Profile Icon and then Administration in the blue side menu.

  • Select Configuration and then Application.

  • On this screen, check the Enable Visit Checklist box and press Save.

Next, choose which branches have access to Service Visit Checklists by updating your branch level settings.

🧠For this feature to perform as intended, this step is necessary, even those that only have one branch.

  • While you are in Administration, navigate to the Organization tab and then Branches.

  • Choose the branch you want Service Visit Checklists enabled for.

  • Select the Enable Visit Checklist box and Save.

Next, you can create the checklist tasks that you want to appear on your work ticket Service Visit Checklist.

Adding Service Visit Checklist Items

Before you estimate, you'll need to add Checklist Items. The items on each Service Visit Checklist should consist of actions relating to tasks that need to be carried out by your crew.

  • In Administration select Estimating.

  • Click on Visit Checklist Items and select New.

  • Create your Visit Checklist Item Name.

🧠 It’s recommended to name your Service Visit Checklist Item to something relating to the task that needs completion.

  • Choose the branches that need the Service Visit Checklist Item.

  • Select the divisions that need the Service Visit Checklist Item. Click Save.

After your Service Visit Checklist Items have been created, you can attach the checklist to your services.

Adding Visit Checklists to a Service

Next, you will need to attach Visit Checklists for existing and new services in your Service Catalog.

  • In Administration, select Estimating and then Service Catalog.

  • Create a new or an select existing service. For this example, we will choose an existing service.

  • Navigate to the Visit Checklist section on the service detail screen.

  • Click on the Select One dropdown under Checklist Item to begin adding the Visit Checklist you have created.

    • Select Mandatory for checklist items that must be done during the service before your crew leader can mark the ticket as complete.

  • Click Save.

Now when the service is added to an opportunity, then you will be able to see they are associated with a Service Visit Checklist.

Managing the Visit Checklist on an Opportunity

Once you have services containing the Visit Checklist you created, you can include those services in an opportunity.

🧠 Visit Checklists will only appear on services for opportunities that are in bidding status and not on existing opportunity services that have been won.

  • Go to the Opportunities module.

  • Select your opportunity and add the service to your estimate.

  • To view and manage your Service Visit Checklist, you can click on the service to open the Service Details screen.

    • When you open this screen, you can confirm the Visit Checklist task attached to this service includes your Checklist Item.

📌Note: Mandatory Checklist Items cannot be removed on the Service Details screen. This is why the Mandatory checkmark is grayed out. Non-mandatory items can be removed from the checklist on the Service Details screen by clicking on the blue trash can next to the item.

  • You can add additional items if need be by selecting an existing checklist item from the Select One dropdown menu or by adding a new checklist item by selecting Add One-Time Checklist Item from the top of the dropdown menu.

  • Items that are added to the Visit Checklist on the Service Details screen will not change the original visit checklist that was set up in Administration in the Service Catalog.

  • You can add the same item to the same visit checklist more than once.

Once the opportunity is won, the Service Visit Checklist can be viewed on the Work Ticket Visit page.

  • The icon next to the header of the Visit Checklist section can change colors based on the progress of the work ticket's tasks:

There are mandatory Checklist Items that are open.

All mandatory Checklist Items are completed.

All Checklist Items are completed.

You can also view these status icons on Time Entry.

Using the Service Visit Checklist in Crew Mobile

Once everything is set up in Aspire Desktop, it’s important to understand how the Service Visit Checklist appears to your crew to make sure it’s easy to find and use.

  • In Crew Mobile, navigate to Schedule.

  • Select the Route and Day under which your Work Ticket is scheduled.

  • Select your Work Ticket.

  • Click the Visit Checklist button.

    • The number you see on the Visit Checklist button explains the number of open tasks.

  • Crews can view all of the tasks to be completed for the work ticket service.

📌Note: Mandatory items will appear with a red highlight and non-mandatory items will not be highlighted.

Completing a Service Visit Checklist in Crew Mobile

When the tasks for your Visit Checklist are done, you can complete them in Crew Mobile.

  • Select Start on the Work Ticket screen.

  • Start work on the ticket.

  • Now, you can click Visit Checklist and see that there is a checkbox next to the Checklist Item. Check the box and then press Save to complete the Checklist Item.

  • Select Stop once you have completed the tasks listed within the checklist and the work ticket can be completed. You can see that the Visit Checklist button turns green once all tasks have been completed.

Reviewing the Visit Checklist Report

To view information for Service Visit Checklists in report form you can use the Visit Checklist Report.

  • Head to the Reporting module in the blue side menu.

  • Click on Standard Reports.

  • Select Visit Checklist.

You can review multiple work tickets and their Visit Checklist information at one time, and create Dashboard Metrics from this report if need be.

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