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What are we measuring: Completing Issues, Tasks and Site Audits in the last 90 Days

Why are we measuring this:

Issues and Tasks: This metric gives insight in issues management. Shows us how well are issues/tasks being focused on and physically completed in Aspire.

Site Audits: This metric informs you if the site audit tool is being utilized, and how many site audits have been run in the last 90 days and the average score.

Scoring: N/A

Recreate Metric:

  • Issues: Activities Module – Filters: Activity Type in Issues, Created Date last 90 days, group by status. Looking at completed versus total created

  • Tasks:

    • Filters: Activity type in Tasks and Appointments, Created Date last 90 days –

    • Group: By due date to review past due

  • Site Audits: Report Module, Site Audit Report, Filter – Audit Date Last 90 days

  • Average Site Audit Score: Report Module, Site Audit Report, Filter – Audit Date Last 90 days, Add display item for score, average the total in display

False Negatives: Creating them but not completing them resulting in no score at all

Common Issues:

  • We are only creating the issues, tasks, site audits but not physically compiling them

  • Audit score is the average from the past 90 days over all completed


  • Send client info on site audit creation and have a team training

  • Quota for Audits to be performed monthly-incentivise those employees

  • Remember to complete you activities - stay on top of “to dos”


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