When you or an employee creates or updates an issue, Aspire then sends email notifications to specific contacts. Emails sent provide a history of comments and changes to the issue. Knowing how email notifications work when creating issues and who receives them, creates timely communication to the right recipients!

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Issues Created on Desktop

There are many locations in the desktop version of Aspire from where you can create or modify an issue.

  1. Home Screen

  2. Property Screen

  3. Work Ticket Screen

  4. Site Audit Screen

The Issue screen contains multiple fields that impact who receives emails regarding that issue.

Assigned To Field – Allows you to specify contacts directly associated with the issue. If an employee or subcontractor contact is listed in this field, Aspire will send them an email when the issue is created or updated from the Aspire Desktop application. If any other contact is listed, Aspire will only send them an email if the Include Client checkbox is checked.

πŸ“Œ Note: The person who creates or updates an issue will not receive an email regardless of whether they are specified in the Assigned To field. However, a person may want to add themselves in the Assigned To field so that they will be notified when someone else changes anything about the issue.

Regarding Field - Allows you to associate a property, opportunity, or work ticket with the issue. When the user creates or updates an issue, Aspire sends the notification email to the account owner and operations manager on the property determined by the value in the Regarding Field.

Include Client Checkbox – Unchecked by default. When the Include Client checkbox is enabled at the time issue changes are saved, a notification email will be sent to the primary contact listed on the property determined by the value in the Regarding field, and to any nonemployee/subcontractor contacts in the assigned to field.

Public Checkbox – Unchecked by default. When the user updates an issue, Aspire will send a notification email as specified above which contains the history of changes to the issue. However, comments not marked public will always be excluded from the content of emails sent to non-employees – customers and subcontractors will not see these comments. Comments marked public will be included in the history for all email recipients.

Issues Created on Crew Mobile

Users can also access issues through the Crew Mobile application of Aspire. There are two areas where this functionality is available:

  1. Through the Issues button (a) on the main Time screen

    1. You can only update issues

  2. Through the Open Issues button (b) on the Work Ticket screen

    1. You can create and update issues

When an issue is updated from the Issue button on the Main crew mobile app screen or an issue is created or updated from inside the Work Ticket screen, the following people will receive an email notifying them of the update:

  1. Property Account Owner

  2. Property Operations Manager

  3. Employees or subcontractors who are listed in the Assigned To field

  4. Route Manager if the person updating is a Crew Leader

πŸ“Œ Note: Issue updates that are applied in Crew Mobile will never be sent to contacts marked as customers even if the Include Client checkbox was originally checked on the issue

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