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Learn how to create Issues in Aspire!

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Issues are activities that generally represent customer complaints, tracking property damage, service requests or concerns. Issues cannot be deleted and will display in Mobile time when the crew leader selects the property’s work ticket. Issues appear on the Home Screen, in the customer’s activity folder, and the Property record.


Any role can create and complete issues.

Creating an Issue:

  1. Click the Quick Menu icon in the left top corner and select New Issue.

    📌 Note: Issues can be created from a variety of places in Aspire, such as Contract and Property Records.

  2. Enter the responsible person(s) in the Assigned To field. Contacts in the Assigned To field will receive an email that will appear on the home screen.

    1. The Account Owner assigned to the property will get an email even if they are not included in the Assigned To field.

  3. Select the property, opportunity, or work ticket that will be associated to this issue.

  4. Select the priority.

  5. Enter a Subject that best describes the issue.

    1. The Insert Email Token will give an available list of fields. In this example, the Property Address will pull into the subject once the Issue is saved.

  6. Select a Due Date. This is the date the Issue should be resolved by.

  7. Select the Category to group or filter issues.

    1. Note: To add a new Category, go to Admin->Lists->Activity Category

  8. Click UPLOAD FILES to add a photo or document.

  9. Check Include Client checkbox if the Property’s primary contact in the Regarding field should be emailed the Comment.

    1. Aspire recommends designing a best practice or SOP around this check.

    2. The Issue will not be available on the Contact record unless they are in the Assigned To box as well.

  10. Enter the description of the issue in the Notes field.

  11. Select the Public checkbox to include the comments in an email to a non-employee.

    1. If not checked, comments will be internal only and the client will only be notified of status updates.

  12. Click Save. Once the issue is saved, any comments entered will appear at the bottom of the issue.

Completing an Issue

  1. Once the Issue has been resolved, click Complete in the upper right corner.

  2. The Complete Date will appear if re-opened.

    1. All notes saved on the issue will be emailed to the client unless the Public checkbox is unchecked for that specific comment.

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