AR Aging Playbook
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What are we measuring: Invoices that are 31 days or more past due.

Why are we measuring this: Accounts receivable is the lifeblood of business’s cashflow.

Scoring: N/A

Recreate Metric: Invoice Module – Receivables. Filter Balance greater than 0. (Make sure you display 31-60, 61-90, 91+, sum these columns).

False Negatives:

  • Incorrect Invoice Terms - its important to audit terms regularly to ensure aging days match your contract agreements

Common Issues:

  • Slow payment input (receiving payments and not applying timely)

  • Lack of process standardization


  • Utilize Collections Notes (Using Collection, Invoice, Payment, and Statement Notes) - Track your efforts

  • Set standards for when to stop work at a property, when to send to collections

  • Get multiple people involved in collection escalations (billing admin, account manager, sales manager, operations manager, branch manager)

  • Create multiple lists in invoices tab for various aging days categories (see below for list build ideas)


Sample AR process

  • Aging Day 0 - Invoice sent

  • Aging Day 30 - Resend original Invoice - Create template saved in text editor and use for bulk email language. Utilize list in Invoices tab

  • Aging Day 40 - Accounts Receivable Outreach - first phone call

  • Aging Day 45 - Increase language intensity - bulk email

  • Aging Day 50 - Account Manager Outreach - Email/Phone Call Services Stop

  • Aging Day 60 - Email - From Branch Manager - Reference Stopping Services in 30 days

  • Aging Day 70 - Accounts Receivable Outreach - first phone call

  • Aging Day 80 - Branch Manager Call

  • Aging Day 89 - Sales Manager Final Call

  • Aging Day 90 - Services Stop

  • Aging Day 100 - Accounts Receivable Final Call

  • Aging Day 110 - Bulk Email Final Message

  • Aging Day 119 - Branch Manager Final Call

  • Aging Day 120 - Send to Collections

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