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When setting up Aspire to allow your company to send invoices to its customers, there are multiple approaches that the Aspire system will allow. Setting up according to best practices will help ensure that your invoices are properly received by your customers.

The following options are available, but the first option is highly recommended as the best practice.

  • Approach 1️⃣ (BEST PRACTICE): All invoices sent by your Aspire system are sent through a specific Aspire contact (i.e. “Accounting Department”) that goes through a generic email address set up for that purpose (i.e. “”) and are sent through your company’s email service (Outlook or Gmail).

    • This option provides maximum consistency across all of your customers. Since emails go out through your company’s email provider, it is straight forward to ensure that your customers add you to their email whitelist so that your email invoices will not be blocked by their spam filters. This is the approach for which instructions are provided in this article.

  • Approach 2️⃣: Invoices sent by your Aspire system are sent from your account manager responsible for the account. Since this option provides for invoices to be sent out from different people within your organization, you will have to ensure that mail is set up and functioning properly for each account manager. This requires more work than validating a single user in your Aspire system for sending out invoices. As with the first approach – assuming all account managers are set up properly in Aspire – emails go out through your company’s email provider. This makes it straight forward to ensure that your customers add you to their email white-list so that your email invoices will not be blocked by their spam filters.

  • Approach 3️⃣ (NOT RECOMMENDED): Using the third approach sends emails out through Aspire’s mail service rather than through your own. This makes it more difficult to ensure that your customer’s white list will prevent invoices from being blocked as SPAM. This is a deprecated feature and the capability will be removed from Aspire in an upcoming release.

The remainder of this article explains how to set up Aspire properly to allow it to email invoices.

Create a Generic Contact to Send Invoices

To follow best practice (approach #1), you will first create a generic contact from which to send out invoices.


  1. Outside of Aspire, establish an email account in your email service to associate with the generic contact that you will be creating. Invoices will be mailed from this email account. Once you have set up the email address, proceed.

  2. In Aspire, go to the Contacts screen by clicking the Contacts icon and then click the blue New Contact button.

  3. Enter:

    1. First Name as ‘Accounting’.

    2. Last Name as ‘Department’.

    3. Email Address as company email address you set up to use for emails

    4. Contact Type – Choose ‘Employee’ and Save

  4. Go back into the newly created contact and click the triple dot menu while on the contact record and click Create User.

    1. If the contact already has a user tied to it, the option will say Update User.

  5. The User Details screen will appear with some of the information from the contact record populated.

  6. When the user screen comes up, enter in a password and pin for this user (can be very generic).

  7. Check the box below ‘Sync’

  8. Enter:

    1. Provider – enter the email service provider for the email account from which customer invoices will be sent.

      1. This can be either Exchange (for Microsoft Exchange or Google if your company uses gmail).

    2. Email – enter the email address from which customer invoices will be sent

      1. The following additional fields are only available for Exchange – not for Gmail

        1. Account Name – only if different from Email address – typically left blank for Outlook 365 users

        2. Password – this is the email password

        3. Verify Password – enter email password again to verify

  9. Save

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are setting up for the emails to come from a specific employee in your organization rather than from a generic contact, you must ensure that person’s sync is set up under their user settings. Follow the steps above selecting the specific contact instead of creating and selecting the generic contact.

Set System-Wide Invoice Email


  1. While in the Administration screen, click on Configuration at the top right and then go to the Invoicing tab.

  2. Under Invoice Email From, click the second radio-button and then select the name of the contact you just set up. All invoices will be sent from this contact’s email account.

  3. Add the subject matter and the body, including signature, to your Invoicing email in the Invoice Email Body.

Suggestion: Make sure to test a few invoices after this setup, and call the customer to be sure they received the emailed invoices. Have them note where they were sent from.

Alternate Approach #2

You may also choose to have emails sent from all of the account managers. If you choose to set your system up using this approach, all account managers must be set up to sync with their email service.

Keep in mind that this makes troubleshooting invoice emailing issues a little more complex. Once all accounts are set up properly, skip directly to the above. Instead of selecting the second radio button, select the first radio button which specifies that the invoice emails should be sent from the email of the account manager associated with the property.

Alternate Approach #3

Aspire recommends you avoid this approach. Aspire plans to remove this capability in a future release.

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