How To Track New Leads in Aspire

Read this article to track leads in Aspire. This helps with closing deals and creating long standing business relationships.

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Oftentimes, you will have potential customers ask about the services that your company offers. To make sure that you are capturing all new sales leads to meet your revenue goals, we’ll show you how to capture these in a single workflow inside of Aspire.

Read this article to find out tips for tracking leads in Aspire. This helps with closing deals and creating long standing business relationships.

Let’s say that you had a lead, Camilla Sailor, that needed to know how much weekly maintenance for the next year would be for their coffee shop properties. They are interested in covering services for all of their 10 locations but are shopping around.

Instead of writing down all prospective customer information on paper, or to a shared document with your team, you can enter all potential customer information into Aspire to improve your workflow.

Understanding the Workflow

To understand the process of getting leads into Aspire, here is an overview of the recommended steps within this article to help you and your team close a deal!

Create an Activity Category to Track Leads

We’ll first want to create a new activity category called New Lead in Administration. You will only need to do this when first setting up this process.

  • Navigate to Settings and Administration.

  • Select Application, Lists and then Activity Category.

  • Add an Activity Category Name, and select what Activity Type the Category Name should appear under.

  • Select Issue as the Activity Type and Save.

After creating your category in Administration, you can use it when assigning Issues to your internal teams. This helps them qualify those leads and accelerates their workflow to later create Properties and Contacts which are necessary to be made in Aspire before an estimate is created.

Camilla Sailor is a new lead and has 10 property locations that need to be serviced. There isn’t any information for them in your Aspire system. Without having to keep Camilla on the phone to gather detailed property information, you got their contact information and a brief overview of the services they need. You can forward this information along to your team by using an Issue!

Create an Issue For Your Sales Representative

Issues can be created without attaching them to a property, opportunity, or work ticket, which is great since the property and contact for your lead is not yet created in Aspire.

📑To learn more about creating Issues, please read Creating an Issue, here.

Once an Issue has been assigned to the Sales Representative, they will qualify the lead and then create additional details in Aspire relating to the customer’s property and contact information.

Qualifying the Lead

Lead qualification determines how valuable a lead is to your customer base. Not only do job opportunities need to be affordable for the lead, they also need to be profitable for your company.


  • Will you be profitable when winning the bid for your customer’s job?

  • Is this lead serious about working with your company long term?

  • Are you willing to put effort into continuing the business relationship even if there is risk this lead could go cold?

Camilla Sailor has 10 property locations that need to be serviced. Is it worth it for your company to travel to all 10 locations? Do you have enough resources to make sure that Camilla’s properties get the attention they need?

Make sure your sales team has the tools necessary to qualify leads that have the potential to turn into long standing customers.

After a lead is qualified, then your team can move forward with creating contact and property records.

Creating a Contact

Since the team has already been provided contact telephone or email information, those contact details could be added and be rated on how serious they are about accepting a bid for a job opportunity.

📑Click here to learn how to create a contact!

Important Contact Field to Know!

As Contact details are entered into Aspire, make sure the temperature of a lead is added to a Contact record with a Prospect Rating. Consider adding a deadline for contact and closing of deals based on the varying temperature assigned to each contact record.

Examples could be:

  • Contacts with a Prospect Rating of Hot should be contacted within 48 hours.

  • Contacts with a Prospect Rating of Warm should be added to a saved list and handled through your Dashboard metrics for Issue or Activities.

  • Contacts with a Prospect Rating of Cold could be used to remove and clean up data on Leads lists.

These will be helpful when creating Dashboard Metrics to add and share with your employees.

Creating a Property

Entering property information allows you to set Account Owner, Property Status, and Lead Source, which help your team continue to prioritize leads effectively.

📑Click here to learn how to create a property.

Important Property Field To Know!

The Account Owner field on a property’s detail screen is important when it comes to tracking leads through Issues, on Dashboard Metrics and KPI and Insight data.

Create an Estimate for Your Lead

Your sales representative went ahead and followed up with Camilla. Their meeting went great and they would make a great addition to your company’s customer base. Now, your team can create an estimate for Camilla’s contract based on their requirements.

Estimating in Aspire is beneficial since you already have customer and property data recorded. You can use the original issue and create an opportunity within that screen, or use the Opportunities module to create a completely new opportunity.

📑To learn more about estimating, please review Estimating in Aspire’s Knowledge base, here.

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