Creating a New Dashboard
This article explains how to create a dashboard and the fields used!
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Dashboards are visual dial representations of lists. They can help manage your company at a glance and help keep up on issues.

Creating a Dashboard

1. Click on the three dots in the Dashboard section on the Home screen as shown below.

2. Select the Element Type, which is an available list either default or created by you.

📌 Note: User created lists can be found in Select Advanced Search.

3. Type in a name for the Dashboard in the Display Name field

4. Type in specific users that the dashboard will be shared with. You do not have to enter a value.

5. Type in specific roles that the dashboard will be shared with. You do not have to enter in a value.

6. Select the period, or range of time, that will be displayed within the dashboard.

7. If desired, enter a Goal Override. This should be a desired number based upon what you are measuring.

For example, you set up a dashboard to track monthly sales. Your goal for the team is $60,000. The goal override would be the value of expected sales for the month.

8. If desired, enter a Goal Range %. This is a value plus or minus that is acceptable for the goal override.

For example, if your monthly sales goal is $60,000, and you enter 5% in as your goal range, an acceptable range would be $57,000 - $63,000. (As 5% of $60,000 is $3000. Subtract and add $3000 to 60,000 for the range).

9. Click Save.

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00:25 What is a Dashboard?

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