In the video below, we will be talking about how to set up Electronic Payment records in Aspire.

In this video, you’ll:

  • Learn about the three different ways to set up electronic payments.

  • Discover how to keep track of them within Aspire.

  • Learn how to set payment methods for one time use or for repeat billing.

  • Set Alerts for expiring payment methods.

After you have watched this video on setting it up, you can watch our video: How to Process Electronic Payments!


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:12 Signing up for the Electronic Payment Integration

  • 1:41 Options for Setting Up Electronic Payments

  • 2:14 Setting Up Payments on the Contact Record

  • 6:47 Using the Expiring Soon Checkbox

  • 7:10 Deactivating a Card for Future Use

  • 8:00 Subscribing to Electronic Payment Receipts

  • 8:28 Setting Up a New Payment Method though New Payments in Quick Menu

  • 9:55 Using the Remember Payment Method Checkbox

  • 10:40 Adding a Payment Method in the Customer Portal (Optional)

Training Video

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