In the below video, we will be talking about how to process electronic payments like credit card, ACH, EFT.

In this video, you'll:

  • Learn the three different ways to process electronic payments.

  • Discover how to apply and categorize your credit memos

  • Learn where to view electronic payments and their status

If you would like to know how to set up electronic payments, please watch our setup video here.


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:14 Where to Process Payments

  • 0:54 Process Electronic Payments using the Quick Menu

  • 2:00 Do We Have an AutoPay Option?

  • 2:26 How to Create AutoPay

  • 2:52 Building an AutoPay List

  • 3:34 Seeing if a Convenience Fee is Setup

  • 4:55 New Payment Option

  • 7:30 View Electronic Payments Using the Payment List

  • 8:55 Customer Portal

  • 11:10 Electronic Payment Log

Training Video

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