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Setting Up Your Customer Portal

The short video below will show how to create and customize your Aspire Customer Portal. This allows your customers to:

  • View proposals

  • View and pay invoices

  • Create and view issues

Training Video


  • 0:00 Navigate to Customer Portal Administration

  • 0:20 Getting Started & Entering Info

  • 0:50 Configuring the Customer Portal Invitation

  • 1:35 Designing the Customer Portal

  • 5:10 Selecting Documents Customers Can Access

  • 5:40 Navigating to Your New Customer Portal

Inviting Customers to Your Customer Portal


  1. You've set up your Customer Portal (watch above video)

  2. Bulk Email Contacts and Send Customer Portal Invitation Role Permissions are enabled for the user sending the invitations

Sending Invitations

  1. Go to Contacts and select the appropriate option in the dropdown filtering menu (in the example below, we selected All Customers [System Admin]).

  2. Click the checkbox next to the customer record to receive the invite and select Send Customer Portal Invite from the Bulk Actions dropdown menu.

  3. Edit the template email if needed and click Send.

Frequently Asked Questions

For reference, a "customer" is considered your customer.

Q: What roles can send Customer Portal invitations?

  • System Admin

  • Branch Admin

  • Branch Manager

  • Account Manager

Q: If a customer has multiple properties, do they need multiple portals set up?

A: No, if a customer is the contact for multiple properties, there will be a drop down menu available for them to select each property within their same portal.

Q: The portal isn't working, who do I contact for support?

A: Submit a ticket to AspireCare by going to the question mark in the top right corner and clicking Support.

Q: How can I change a customer's password for them?

A: You can’t. Your customer will need to access the URL for your portal and click “Forgot Password?” below the login fields. There they will enter their email address to reset their password.

Q: Can clients change their password if they choose?

A: Yes, if your clients want to change their password, they can change it by clicking reset password within the “Manage Payment Methods” screen.

Q: Can customers accept and sign estimates via the portal? If so, is someone in the organization (sales rep/account owner) notified that they accepted and/or signed it?

A: Yes, clients are able to sign proposals that aren’t already approved or in production. If a proposal is already in production, “View” is the only option. Upon signing, whoever is listed as the Sales Rep on the opportunity will receive an email notifying them of the signature. They will then have to win the opportunity.

Q: Who’s responsible for setting up the customer portal?

A: Since your customer portal is tailored to your business and is customizable to your company’s colors, you will be setting this up. This is not something included during implementation, however, there are numerous resources such as this article, our User Guide, and AspireCare if you need help with troubleshooting.

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