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Scheduled Tickets with No Future Visits Playbook
Scheduled Tickets with No Future Visits Playbook
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What are we measuring: Time Range: All time - Work tickets in scheduled status through last week with no future visits divided by the number of active branches in your system.

Why are we measuring: This helps us identify work that we believe should have already been completed or we have a visit scheduled to go back. This list prevents your company from forgetting to complete work tickets

Scoring: 0-50, 51-100, 100+

Recreate Metric: Work Ticket Module – Filters: Status in Schedule, Scheduled Start Date Through Last Week, Future Visits = 0

False Negatives:

  • Seasonal snow tickets will show on schedule tickets no future visits until the next snow storm hits and that ticket needs rescheduled

  • Unexpected delays mid job- you have done some work but you don’t know when you will go back to finish

Common Issues:

  • We schedule a ticket, the work was completed but we forgot to complete the work ticket

  • We schedule a ticket, the work was not completed, we need to schedule it again


  • Involve the account manager and operations manager when a work ticket needs to be rescheduled

  • Turn this list into a dashboard and review weekly/monthly


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