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Open Work Tickets Through Today Playbook
Open Work Tickets Through Today Playbook
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What are we measuring: Time Range: All time - Work tickets in open status with an anticipated start date in the past through today divided by the number of active branches in your system.

Why are we measuring: Identify work that should have already been Scheduled based on our anticipated start date. This prevents your company from possibly forgetting sold work.

Scoring: 0-50, 51-100, 100+

Recreate Metric: Work Ticket Module – Filters: Status in Open, Anticipated Start Date through today

False Negative: Service schedules were never set for that occurrence number, this results in an anticipated start date for the first of the contract

Common Issues:

  • Subcontractor tickets are overlooked to be scheduled until the vendor invoice is received

  • Service Schedules are set causing all tickets to be for the first day of the contract until scheduled

  • Contract is won but client ultimately decides no and the opportunity isn’t cleaned up


  • Set up service schedules

  • Bulk change start dates on services that will occur in the future


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