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What are we measuring: Time Range: Last 90 Days - Total Clock Ins minus the number of clock ins with no device name divided by the total number of clock ins

Why are we measuring this: This number helps us understand how many manual edits are being entered into the system for time entry. This gives an indication of how well your crews are using crew mobile and how much admin time is being utilized to correct issues.

Scoring: 100%-90%, 89.99%-80%, 79.99%-0%

Recreate Metric: Clock Time Report – Filter: Clock Start Time Previous 90 Days from HSC Date – Group By Device Name – Review Device Name Blank

False Negatives:

  • Teams report to site instead of the shop - Bad cell phone coverage

  • Pay schedules prevent clock in before a certain time, but circumstances cause crews to start before that time (snow storm?)

  • Off season: less people clocking in amplifies mistakes in the Mobile Time Entry %

  • Snow Season: Crew more likely to make mistakes, harder logistically, part time workers, ect.

Common Issues:

  • New crew members/crew leaders, bad training

  • New season, retraining the crew


  • Crew Training - You need to ensure your crews are comfortable with the technology for them to perform. Ensure to explain why this is important - Admin time spent has a cost, payroll accuracy is important to everyone.

  • Reminders: Leadership starts their morning in the shop to build good habits. For the first few months, be there in the morning and remind your guys to clock in everyday!

  • Crew Incentives:

    • Free lunch for the crew that required the least amount of time entry fixes

    • Worst crew this week gets an undesirable job - clean the bathroom:

    • Gift Card to the gas station where the crew gets their coffee each morning


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