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Year One Journey: Overview and Course Catalog
Year One Journey: Overview and Course Catalog

Welcome to your Year One Journey: the next step of education after the Implementation process!

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Upon graduating from your implementation and onboarding, you’re entering a critical stage of education and adoption of Aspire through the end of your first year. We recognize the learning curve can seem steep and overwhelming, so we are here to help you build daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual processes and behaviors to drive consistent results.

Our Customer Success Team is here to support your growth as a user by sharing knowledge, tools, and best practices to ensure your team’s continued success, especially in Year One.

📚 We’ve curated a set of nine courses focused on helping you master features and workflows in Aspire.

🧠 Remember these essential details for your continuing Aspire education:

  1. Each class is live and interactive, delivered by experts from our Customer Success team.

  2. We recommend taking one class per month so you have time to digest and integrate the material into your routine.

  3. You can prioritize the courses by your interest or area of need, but they are listed below in our recommended order of completion.

  4. We suggest having at least one representative from your company attend each class—and be sure this person can teach the rest of your team the best practices they’ve learned. It will help solidify the lessons and provide a great leadership opportunity.

Get started today:

  1. Review the course catalog below.

  2. Visit the Aspire Live Webinar Calendar to register for a class.

  3. Get ready to learn and use the platform to its fullest potential!

We look forward to seeing you throughout your Year One Journey.

Year One Journey Course Catalog

Course Name

Learning Objectives

Crew Mobile/Time Entry

  • Crew Mobile Time Reporting

  • Daily Time Acceptance

  • Managing Crew Members across multiple Time Entry Screens

  • Crew Communication using Issues and Operations Notes

  • Custom Forms


  • Interpreting the schedule board

  • Scheduling tickets - recurring, multi-day, multi-crew

  • Route scheduling & optimization

Work Ticket Management

  • End of Month Reporting

  • Understanding the Schedule Board

  • Schedule It - Open Work Tickets

  • Complete It - Scheduled Work Tickets

  • Approve It - Pending Approval Work Tickets


  • Mastering List Building

  • Opportunity Sales Pipeline

  • Relationship Management

  • Managing your Sales Team


  • Invoicing Assistant

  • Invoice Batches

  • Fuel Surcharges & Misc. Invoices

  • Log an Event

  • Fixed Price Open Billing

Accounts Receivable

  • Payments

  • Deposits

  • Credit Memos

  • Accounts Receivable Reporting


  • How to manage your purchasing process.

  • Best Practices for Purchasing Efficiency

  • How can purchasing in Aspire benefit your Company


  • Before Making a Change

  • Alternatives to Making a Change

  • Contract Change Best Practices

  • Work Order Change Order Best Practices

Project Management

  • Large Project Management basics

  • Project Workflow

  • Understanding the Job Dashboard

📆 Ready to Get Started with Your Year One Journey?

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