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Daily Time Acceptance Playbook
Daily Time Acceptance Playbook
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What are we measuring: Time Range: Between 2 and 7 days prior to the date of the health scorecard - We are looking for unaccepted time (Pull happens at 2 pm central on a Wednesday, which should be enough time to have approved hours, especially considering we are aren’t looking at yesterday's hours).

Why are we measuring this: Daily time acceptance is a critical process in Aspire to get the most accurate real time data. If time is not accepted from yesterday, then those hours/material will not show up on the work ticket today.

Scoring: 100%-90%, 89.99%-80%, 79.99%-0%

Recreate Metric: Weekly Time Review – Looking for unaccepted hours in the week prior to the data pull This is a snapshot that is hard to recreate in the system the further away you get from the HSC pull date because time eventually gets approved which fixes this data. The snapshot is correct at the time of the data pull, discuss timely approval and its value.

Common Issues:

  • When time is only being approved every other day or weekly at best


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