Onsite Time Playbook
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What are we measuring: On Site Time

Why are we measuring this: This metric finds issues with travel time verses on site time for your company. The percent on the HSC is how much time your crews are actually working on a job site, producing revenue.

Scoring: 100%-80%, 79.99%-70%, 69.99%-0%

Recreate Metric: Work Ticket Module – Filter: Completed date 90 days prior to HSC Date. Onsite Hours divided by Total Hours.

False Negatives:

  • Not allowing Aspire to spread drive hours may result in on site time at 100% which may not be the case

Common Issues:

  • Time entry manipulation is occurring and not allowing drive time to be dispersed between work tickets for the day.


  • Crews utilize crew mobile fully, clocking in and out of jobs, the difference shown on daily time entry screen will be there drive time hours, select save and it will automatically split those hours evenly across all work tickets for that route and code them to your drive hours you can then find in different modules

    • See just how efficient that route is from not manipulating crew clocked hours


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