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Tracking Time with Multiple Pay Codes in Aspire Mobile
Tracking Time with Multiple Pay Codes in Aspire Mobile

Learn how to track time with using pay code overrides and use them on work tickets in Aspire Mobile!

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Estimators can set up different pay rates for services when creating estimates in Aspire. These are called Pay Code Overrides. This tells Aspire Mobile to ask crew leaders for the right pay code when starting time on the service’s ticket.

Then, when the estimate is won and converted to work tickets, Aspire Mobile recognizes those services have override pay rates. When the crew leader goes to start time tracking on those tickets, they are prompted to select the correct override rate.

Adding Pay Code Overrides capture labor costs and accurately match time tracking to estimated services.


✅ To add Pay Code Overrides on the opportunity level, you must have Add/Modify Pay Code Overrides added to your user role.

✅To access opportunity estimates, you must also have an opportunity related permission like Edit My Opportunities, Edit All Opportunities, View Opportunities, or Edit Estimate Items added to your user role.

✅ To use Pay Code Overrides in Aspire Mobile, you would need to have the permission of Crew Leader assigned to your user role.

Using Pay Code Overrides in Opportunity Estimates

In order for multiple pay codes to be selected on work tickets in Aspire Mobile, Pay Code Overrides must be set up on the service level.

  • On your opportunity, start on the estimate screen and add your service to your estimate.

  • Then, click on the service to bring up the Service Details screen.

  • In the Pay Code Override section, select the additional pay codes you would like to add to the service.

    • The pay codes displayed in this drop down menu are created in Administration from Application ▶️ Lists ▶️ Pay Code.

  • Next, set the Pay Code Type. Pay Code Type allows you to specify the type of pay code that overtime pay is calculated with, and uses this with the pay rate.

Options are:

Premium Dollars – Dollars above the standard wage

Premium % – Percent above the standard wage

Fixed Rate – Flat dollar amount that overrides the standard wage

  • When you set the Pay Code Type, the Pay Rate field is updated to match the Pay Code Type.

  • Review the Pay Rate. The pay rate allows you to use either a dollar amount or percent. This is tied to what is set as the Pay Code Type.

  • When you have finished entering the Pay Code Override information, click save to return to your estimate.

You can continue entering your Pay Code Override information on your other services, and then complete your estimate. When the opportunities’ work tickets are scheduled, the services that have Pay Codes Overrides added to them will automatically have a pay code selection window available in Aspire Mobile.

Because Pay Code Overrides were set up on the service level, crew leaders can choose Pay Codes before they start time on the service’s work ticket. This helps eliminate manual assigning of pay codes in Time Entry during your weekly time review and approval process!

In the next section, we will discuss what selecting Pay Codes in Aspire Mobile looks like for your crew leaders. 👇

Selecting Pay Codes in Aspire Mobile

When the crew leader opens a ticket that has multiple pay rates set up, they tap Start to begin tracking time. Aspire Mobile then shows a Select Pay Code screen so the crew leader can pick the pay code for the employee doing the work.

This lets the crew leader assign time to the correct Pay Codes from the estimate. Now, crew members’ time is recorded with the right pay code for the job they're doing.

This improves labor tracking and job costing! With multiple pay codes, teams can allocate time with different pay codes on one ticket.

In this example, Crew Leader Camille might start time for herself and set her pay code to Salary. Then, she could start time for all of her employees, who are hourly.

This means when Time Entry is reviewed for this route, pay codes are displayed with the selections that were chosen by Camille.

There are a few scenarios that are helpful to know about the Choose a Pay Code screen in Aspire Mobile. To understand when the Choose a Pay Code screen is shown, review the chart below:


Display Choose a Paycode Screen in Aspire Mobile?

If there is no Override Pay Code on the service.


There is one Override Pay ode on the service but it's also the Default Pay Code.

No, Aspire chooses the Override Pay Code because it's also the default.

There is one Override Pay Code on the service, and it is not the Default Pay Code (or no Default Pay Code was set).

Yes, Crew Leaders can select either the Override Pay Code or leave the Pay Code as is.

There are two or more Override Pay Codes on the service.

Yes, Crew Leaders can select the Override Pay Code(s) or leave the Paycode as is.

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