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Optional Tasks for New Branch Set Up
Optional Tasks for New Branch Set Up

Do you need to add additional Branch level settings? Use this reference for optional tasks to do when setting up a new Branch in Aspire.

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Read the Adding a New Branchin Aspire article first before reading this article.

If you are adding a branch, possibly due to a merger or an acquisition, this article will help you consider additional checklist tasks after creating a branch record. Read the optional tasks below to understand if you need to set up additional pieces in Aspire. 👇

Import SiteOne Price Book

📑 Knowledge Base Reference:

This is optional to those that use the SiteOne integration with Aspire. To learn about setting up your SiteOne integration, please read this detailed article.

Assign Properties to the New Branch

From the Properties search list screen select the properties with the checkboxes that you want to move to the new branch.

  • Assign the new branch to properties whose revenue and cost should be associated with the branch.

Assign Branch to Employee Contacts

Part of setting up a new branch, is to make sure those associated with the branch, like Employees and Branch Administrators, are assigned correctly in Aspire.

  • Select employees who are in or who will manage the new branch by checking the box next to their name. You can do this by searching user names or a specific user role, depending on how you've set up the employees in your Aspire administration.

  • Then select Bulk Actions and Change Branch.

  • If you want to move individual employees, then select your employee from the contact list, and make sure they are set up with the correct branch by adding or changing the branch directly on their Contact record.

Add Branch to Opportunity Templates

For Opportunity Templates that are already in use, edit them to add the new branch to their Assigned Branches field.

  • In Administration, select Estimating and then, Opportunity Templates.

  • Update existing Opportunity Templates by adding the new branch to the templates under Assigned Branches.

  • Or, create new templates as necessary.

  • From the opportunity that you want to create the template from, once the opportunity details have been entered, click the vertical three dot button and then click Save as Template.

  • Select the branch that the new template will be linked to.

  • When you go to Opportunity Templates in Estimating, now a new opportunity template appears in the template list. You then can use this template for future estimates.

Update Pricing Mark-Ups

  • In Configuration, click Estimating then Pricing Mark-Ups.

  • Create a new mark-up for any service types that need to have a markup rate for the new branch or select If Necessary if you want the mark-up to apply to all branches for that service.

📑 Knowledge Base Reference:

Read more details on how to update Pricing Mark-Ups in this article.

Establish Workflows for the Branch

Setting up a Workflow allows rule setting on opportunity approvals when an estimate is proposed. It also defines the email that will be sent to the opportunity’s sales representative when the approver takes action on the estimate.

  • Set up opportunity workflows for the new branch in Administration under Workflows in Estimating.

Note: Workflows are per branch. You would have to create brand new workflows for your new branch.

📑 Knowledge Base Reference:

If you need to set up a workflow for the first time, read this detailed article for additional knowledge.

Layout Designs for the New Branch

Next, decide which layout report designs you want to available for use when working in Aspire.

  • Submit a layout ticket to AspireCare through the Resource Center.

    • Request that your existing layouts in Aspire are published to the new branch.


  • Submit a layout ticket to AspireCare through the Resource Center.

    • Add a detailed layout request form for AspireCare to create new layouts for the branch.

📑 Knowledge Base Reference:

Here is a reference article for submitting a ticket to AspireCare.

Set Special Pricing on Items

If your branch has different costs on certain items that are specific to that branch, you can add them in the Item Catalog.

  • In Administration, select Estimating. Then, click on the Item Catalog.

  • Select the item that you want to add special pricing to, and navigate to the Price List.

  • Add the Catalog Price List name in the drop down, make changes as needed to create the special pricing for your item, and then press Save.

  • For each item that has special costs specific to the branch, repeat this process to add the new Price List.

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