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How To Create a Chemical Usage Report
How To Create a Chemical Usage Report

Need a chemical usage report? The Technical Services team is here to help!

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Landscape companies, depending on the state, may need records of chemical usage.

🧠 We've successfully designed a new layout that can allow your company to keep track of chemical usage work inside the Aspire system and generate a report.

⚠️ For those that were Aspire clients before 11/15/2022, the standard layout is available to you without making a layout request.

⚠️ For those that were Aspire clients after 11/15/2022, you must first reach out to AspireCare to submit a layout request for the Chemical Usage Report. Learn how to submit one here.

Default Layout Mapping of the Chemical Usage Report

Each company may have their own process when creating a chemical usage report. Different states also have different requirements for chemical usage reporting.

⚠️ For each state you provide chemical services in, research each state's chemical reporting requirements before using this default report. The default report may not contain all necessary information in the event of an audit.

While changes can be made to the default report, we'll show you the default report layout and information.

📌 Note: This report is generated based on allocated material items on completed work tickets (also known as work ticket actuals).

Current Standard Design

Mapping of each header name in the Chemical Usage Report is show below:

Header Name in Report

Field Used From Aspire

Name of Registered Business

Field Must Be Manually Filled In or Provide Value to Technical Services

Business Registration Number

Field Must Be Manually Filled In or Provide Value to Technical Services

EPA Number


Product Name


Quantity Used




Date of Application


Applicator Name


Certification Number

Field Must Be Manually Filled In or Provide Certification Number(s) for Each User to Technical Services

Work Ticket Number


Application Address

Property Name + PropertyAddressLine1 + PropertyAddressLine2 + PropertyCityStateProvinceCode + PropertyZipCode

Industry Name

IndustryName (On Property Record)

⚠️ If you would like anything changed from the standard Chemical Usage Report, please reach out to AspireCare to submit a layout request for the Chemical Usage Report and include any changes in your layout submission.

Setup Needed for the Chemical Usage Report

Before you can use the Chemical Usage Report, there are a few steps that are required:

  1. Having System Admin or enhanced Branch Admin permissions

  2. Reviewing and editing chemical items in your company's item catalog

  3. Creating a Chemical Usage List in the Work Tickets module

If you have System Admin or enhanced Branch Admin permission to access the Item Catalog in Administration, continue below!

Reviewing Chemical Items in the Item Catalog

To start, review all chemical items and make sure that you've entered the EPA Name and EPA Number into each catalog item record that's needed.

1. Start by clicking Settings in the bottom left corner.

2. Click Administration.

3. Click the Estimating tab in Administration.

4. Next, click the Item Catalog subsection. You will be shown a default list of items known as your item catalog.

📌 Note: If you have the chemical items grouped by a specific category (like Chemicals) you can filter your item catalog by that category.

Then, use the Display function to show whether the EPA Name and EPA Number exists on the item records.

5. Review all chemical-related items and enter the EPA Name and EPA Number on each needed item record. EPA Number is required for the report. EPA Name is optional if the EPA Name is used in the Item Name field instead.

6. Click Save on each item record that is changed.

Creating a Chemical Usage List in the Work Tickets Module

The Chemical Usage Report is a layout that displays Work Ticket Actuals. If you do not create an Advanced Search filter to display services that use chemicals, then the layout will display the actuals of all services instead.

To create the list:

1. Click the Work Tickets module in the blue side menu.

2. Once in the Work Tickets module, click the Filter icon.

3. In the Filter window, use Service Lookup as the Field Name and include all services that are responsible for chemical usage in the Value. It's recommended to use a specific date range. You can select the Completed Date as an additional Field Name and choose a date range from Filter Type. In this example, Last Month is used.

⚠️ It's extremely important to capture all chemical services in your filter for accurate reporting.

🧠 Since each company has specific ways they would like to see and report this information, it's okay to experiment with how you would like the list filtered, displayed, sorted or grouped in your saved list.

4. Save the new Advanced Search List by clicking the three dot menu and selecting Save As.

5. The Advanced Search Save As window will appear. Name the search list with a unique name such as "Chemical Usage for Last Month" or "Chemical Usage Through Today". Share with roles or users that need to have access to this list.

6. Then, click Save.

Printing the Chemical Usage Report

Now that a list had been created, the Chemical Usage Report can be printed accurately.

⚠️You must first reach out to AspireCare to submit a layout request for the default Chemical Usage Report to be deployed. If needed, include any changes you would like to make in your layout submission. Learn how to submit one here.

Once the Technical Services team gets your layout request, they will deploy the special Work Ticket Actuals layout that includes the EPA Number field connected with the allocated items used on completed services.

Once the layout has been deployed to your company's system, you can now print a report on chemical usage.

To do this:

1. Select the Chemical Usage list you created. If a Completed Date filter was not added in your saved list, you can use the Quick Filter as shown below.

2. Check the checkboxes of all work tickets that will be needed for the report. You can also use the checkbox at the top to select all records.

2. With the work tickets checked, click on Bulk Actions and select Print.

3. If Technical Services has deployed the layout, select the report layout specifically for chemicals.

4. The report type will default to PDF. If any additional edits need to be made to the report, you can select the Excel or CSV Export Types. Otherwise, submit a layout request to AspireCare.

5. Click Print to create the Chemical Usage Report.

Below is an example of what the report will look like:

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