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Implementation Layout Process
Implementation Layout Process
In the onboarding process? Here's all you need to know about document layouts!
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During implementation, you will be working with a layout specialist on the AspireCare team to complete any necessary revisions to your document layouts.

⚠️ Before submitting a layout request to AspireCare, you must watch the below classroom!

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What are Document Layouts?

Document layouts are printable versions of various documents such as invoices, proposals, purchase receipts, etc. Your Aspire system comes pre-loaded with sample proposal and invoice layouts in addition to the default layouts.

What is the Layout Revision Process?

During your onboarding, the process (Layout Requests and Revision Policy) is structured on your Tier.

Growth Tier

Minor revisions only

Corporate Tier

5 hours no charge

Enterprise Tier

8 hours no charge

Any revisions not listed on the policy will incur a $150.00/hr charge.

These revisions are requested by submitting a request to AspireCare with the necessary documentation. Clients have 90 days from the on-board date to submit these revisions. Any revisions not submitted during deployment will incur charges per the above layout policy.

What Attachments Must Be Included when Submitting the Request?

  1. Submit a support ticket to AspireCare using the Layout issue type.

  2. Attach a marked-up copy of the layout (see example).

  3. If applicable, attach a .doc or .rtf file of any hard-coded text.

Should you have any questions regarding this material or the layout revision process, please feel free to reach out to your implementation manager.

How Do I Submit a Layout Request Through AspireCare?

  1. Requests should be submitted through the Resource Center by going to the “Support” module and submitting an issue through the form.

  2. Select the option “Layout Request”

  3. When prompted, please attach your annotated layout and your layout request form to the chat using the paperclip in the bottom of the chat window.

  4. You may only submit layout requests through chat. Submit only ONE layout revision per form submitted.

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