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Implementation Layout Process
Implementation Layout Process

Is your company in the onboarding process? Here's all you need to know about layouts and how to submit them!

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During implementation, your company will not only learn Aspire, but also choose the style of documents that are created from Aspire. These are things like proposals or invoices you will send to your customers!

🍎 To understand how this process will work during implementation, continue reading below!

If you are looking for the Layouts Catalog instead, click here.

What are Layouts?

Layouts are the documents that Aspire creates to send out to customers, vendors, or internally.

Commonly, these are documents like your proposals and invoices, but they can also be things like Site Audits, Work Tickets, and Purchase Receipts! Layouts come in different types but also different styles.

These different styles can also have different information on the layout based on invoice type or company preferences.


How Do I Choose My Layouts?

During your onboarding project, your company will be assigned tasks to choose your layouts for each layout type.

If the default layouts within your Aspire system are not what you are looking for, you can then pick your needed layouts from the Layouts Catalog. The Layouts Catalog has many options to choose from and each layout type has its own catalog.

For example:

  • If you were looking for proposal layouts, go to the Layouts Catalog article

  • Read the Overview section to understand how the catalogs are grouped.

  • Agree on and choose an overall style for all your layout types with your team.

  • Then, under Catalog for Layout Types, find the Proposals section and click the blue button for the Proposals specific catalog.

🧠 Specifically for Proposals, don't forget to choose both a Contract and Work Order layout. You also might want to choose additional layouts based on the different types of Contracts or Work Orders you bid and invoice! (such as Fixed Price on Payment Schedule, T&M Per Service, T&M on Completion, Fixed Price Open Billing)

  • If the proposal layouts you have picked are what your company is looking for, awesome! You, as a power user, can submit a Layouts ticket to AspireCare, listing the layouts you would like put into your Aspire system.

  • If the proposal layouts you have picked from the Layouts Catalog are close but need some adjustments, check out our accepted list of adjustments that our Layouts team will perform in the Additional Layout Adjustments section of the Layouts Catalog article.

    • These can include things like: rearranging columns, changing the layout name, changing font styles, removing information from the Layout, changing logo size

⚠️ For custom layouts that are beyond our layouts catalog and listed adjustments, please speak with your implementation manager. These will require additional hours of coding and time from a layouts specialist.

How Do I Submit a Layout Request Through AspireCare?

Giving the ticket the best possible data will provide a quicker turnaround time on deploying your layouts. This section will walk through how to submit a Layouts ticket, specifically.

📌 Note: You must have power user access and have logged into our ticketing system. For more information on how to do this, read Guidelines to Submitting an AspireCare Ticket.

  • To submit an issue, a power user will go into Aspire and select the Resource Center Icon (below) and navigate to the Support option. Only power users will see the Support option.

  • Go to the Support Portal and select Layout Catalog Request and Adjustments.

Once you have started the ticket, you will be presented with the following layout request form.

Attachments Section

Attachments will not be required for catalog requests unless you are asking for certain adjustments. Certain adjustments would require an attachment to show us what your company would like and where the adjustment will be.

Layout Catalog Request

When the Layout Catalog Request and Adjustments issue type is chosen, an additional set of questions will drop down asking if you will be requesting several layouts from the catalog or adjusting a new or existing layout from the Layouts Catalog.

Adding Multiple New Layouts from the Catalog

Adjusting a New or Existing Layout from the Catalog

  • This option will typically be used during implementation to add many invoicing layouts from the layout catalog at once.

  • You cannot make adjustments to multiple layouts on one Support ticket. You will need to make a ticket for each layout.

  • This option is for making adjustments to a single new layout or a single layout that has already been added.

  • When selecting this option, you will see checkboxes to select on possible adjustments (see below) 👇

Selecting Adjustments

When selecting certain Layout Adjustments, you will be given an agreement at the bottom, showing that you understand you are required to provide an attachment. Under each section, you will see a purple note stating that this particular section requires an attachment. The attachment field is found back at the top of the ticket you have created!

⚠️ Not including attachments for your selected adjustments will cause delays in your layout adjustments being deployed to your Aspire system.

  • Once you have made all your adjustment selections, click the Send button to finish submitting your request.

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