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Group Billing Invoice Layout
Group Billing Invoice Layout

A Group Billing Invoice Layout gives the ability to display information from multiple invoices into one invoice.

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Why Use Group Billing Invoices?

When a customer wants one invoice for multiple properties and opportunities, you can use group billing invoices to group them into a single invoice! After reading this article, if you are interested in using the Group Billing Invoice layout, please reach out to AspireCare to make a request.


Our landscape company has three maintenance contracts with a property manager for three separate properties, but the billing contact is the same for each property.

The property manager has requested one invoice is delivered to the billing contact instead of three separate invoices for their maintenance billing. This can be done in Aspire with a group billing invoice layout!

How It Looks on a Layout

ABM is the billing contact and property manager for three separate properties within Aspire.

Considerations Before Using

🧠 A group billing invoice will not display in the invoice list or receivables as one line within Aspire.

  • For example: If combining three properties onto a group billing layout they will still be three separate invoices, with three separate numbers, in the receivables and invoice list. The layout is a tool to combine for printable layouts only.

🧠 It is recommended the invoice number displayed on the layout is the batch number of the invoices.

🧠 Group Billing layouts cannot be emailed through Aspire. The group billing layout would need to be saved as a PDF and then attached to an email delivered to the billing contact. Usually, since there would be three invoices if emailing automatically, three emails would be sent for each invoice.

Creating Batches with a Group Layout

  • When using the group billing layout, the billing information must be the same across properties.

  • You can group the billing contact in Invoicing Assistant and save the list can so it can be used to identify the properties to group into one layout.

Receiving A Payment for Invoices on a Group Layout

  • When receiving payments on invoices that were included in a Group Billing invoice, use the quick menu to add payment and choose the company that was invoiced.

  • This will provide open invoices for that company across all of their properties under management. Check boxes of invoices included within the group layout to apply payment.

📌 Note: This is single-use layout. If changes are required on any invoice within the group, you will need to generate the batch again.

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