Guidelines To Submitting an AspireCare Ticket

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Who Can Submit Issues to AspireCare?

Each person that is submitting a chat to AspireCare needs to be assigned as a power user. The number of power users in your company is determined by the tier and size of your company.

Because each company is unique, it's important that those that are not power users go to your company's power users with questions to leverage internal knowledge. When a power user doesn't know the answer, they then can submit a chat to AspireCare.
​If power user access is requested, please allow a full business day for the request to be completed.

Other things to know:

πŸ’‘ Power users are determined at the beginning of the Aspire Implementation in your project documents

πŸ’‘ If you would like to change your power users post-Implementation, submit a request to the AspireCare team.

How Can I Submit an Issue?

1. To submit an issue, a power user will go into Aspire and select the Resource Center Icon (below) and navigate to the Support option. Only power users will see the Support option.

2. Select the category of your issue.

Category of Issues

  • I Need Help Using Aspire: Need help learning how to do something in Aspire? Select this option. For example, needing to know how to delete an invoice.

  • Layout Request: Submit all layout requests here!

3. After clicking the right category, you will be taken to a form. Fill out the available fields. A breakdown is shown below:

Title: This is a short one line description of your issue to help identify the issue you submitted.
​Description: This is where you submit all documentation about your issue including specifics.
​Attachment: Need to show us a document or screenshot? Attach it here!
​Zoom Call: This is not a required field. Need live assistance with your issue? Select yes for a zoom call to be scheduled.
​Aspire Module: Select the module that your issue is occurring in. If it's happening in multiple modules, you can select the main module and add additional details in the description field.

4. Once finished, click Send. If you decide not to submit, you can leave the web page or click Cancel.

5. Your support ticket will look like the below.

Let's break down this screen:

  • Activity: This area (at the bottom) is where you will see your communication between AspireCare and yourself.

    πŸ’‘ Tip: If you want to stay within your issue to see updates, you can refresh your browser to see the latest update to the ticket.

  • Statuses and definitions: The current stage the ticket is in. You will see past statuses of tickets as well.

    • New: Waiting for AspireCare Specialist to be assigned

    • In Progress: AspireCare currently working on Ticket

    • Waiting on Client Response: Awaiting Client Response

    • Escalated: Tech or Educational Tech is viewing this issue

    • Escalated to Development: Development team is reviewing the issue

    • Issue Corrected In Future Release: An issue has been identified and will be corrected in a future release.

    • Done: The issue has been completed and the case is closed

  • Shared With: This is where you can add additional people from your team to view and add comments.

Tips for Submitting Issues

🌟 Provide information of what's not working and how you expect the system to work.
Providing information about what's not working vs. how you expect it to work helps us know where to start. As well, it helps us consider what "not working as expected" means to you as the user.
🌟 List the steps you took to get the issue and provide screenshots.
This can speed up the process greatly! In order for us to test what could be an issue, we have to follow the same steps you took. Providing screenshots or videos is highly recommended.
If you aren't sure how to do this, check out one of the articles below!

🌟 Provide the users affected and the time you started experiencing the issue

This can help us know if your issue might be related to other users' experiences or updates that have recently been pushed out. It also could mean that the issue could be related to a specific user.

What Other Kinds of Information Should I Be Submitting?

In order for you to get a timely response related to your issues, it's always best to provide as much information as possible to our AspireCare staff. Below are just some of the other ways in which you can provide helpful information to save time.

  • What browser type or device type are you using?

    • Used primarily for local, connection, or performance related issues

      • Device type could include operating system (Mac OS XX, Windows XX) or file upload type (.PNG, .HEIC, .PAGES)

  • Where in Aspire are you experiencing this issue?

    • Which module (Opportunities, Contacts, etc.)?

    • Which Advanced Search List?

      • If it is an item/list that needs to be shared, is it shared with the company's Aspire Admin account?

    • Feel free to provide the URL of the screen you are on!

  • What is the Opportunity, Work Ticket, Purchase Receipt, or Invoice # associated with the issue?

    • Providing this is a huge help!

  • Is there an Error screen?

    • If so, what does the error screen say? Is it a sync error?

  • If related to one of your customers, what's their email or contact record information?

    • If there are email issues with your customer: When did you send the email out? What email did you send it to?

A Great Example of a Submitted Issue

My Company: Aspire Landscaping Co.
​Users: Jim Aspireton & Angela Titan
​Problem: Uploading properties via the Property Import Spreadsheet is not working to import properties as expected.

Steps I Took:

  1. Download the example from Admin

  2. Enter data in all columns in Spreadsheet that are required

  3. Once the data is in the spreadsheet I navigate this way:

    1. Admin Module > Import Properties and Contacts Tab > Choose the Property Import Type > Select Upload button.

  4. Choose the spreadsheet from its location on my computer > Select Open on my window > This is the error message I get

  5. Then, I select Complete Import button, and I get this error message popup:

  6. After viewing that error, I navigate to Properties Module and find that the import only create the 1st and 2nd Properties on the import sheet chosen during the import process.

How Do I Get Notified About Updates Related to My Issue?

You have two options: within the portal or by email.

1. The first option is to view your total requests within the portal by clicking Requests in the upper right corner.

You will be able to see all issues you have logged that are not resolved yet by AspireCare. Click the reference number (ACS-90) to view the ticket and current activity.

2. You will also get status and activity updates via email. You will have the ability to reply directly by email to update the issue!

If you would like to turn the email notifications off, click into the support, issue as shown in the first option, and click the Notifications On button to turn it off.

Then shown as:

Thanks for your partnership to make Aspire great! πŸƒ

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