When your company onboards onto Aspire, it may setup several users with the System Admin role. Being a System Admin has a lot of permissions, including the ability to view employee's payroll information on the contact record. If your company does not want certain power users to view this information, read the below!

Roles that Show Payroll Information

  • System Admin – Will default to show payroll tab on employee contact

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Creating an HR System Admin Role:

Before you begin, it may be a good idea to reconsider the power user's role. Aspire's default system has the following default roles:

  • Account Manager

  • Branch Admin

  • Branch Administrator

  • Branch Manager

  • Controller

  • Crew Leader

  • Executive

  • Operations Manager

  • Sales Representative

  • System Admin

See what each role can do here.

Creating a New Role

1. Navigate to the Administration module by clicking on your profile picture at the bottom and then clicking the gear (⚙️)

2. Arriving at the legacy Administration page, go to Manage Roles (🔑)

3. One on the Roles screen, click the green plus.

4. For the Role field, keep your selection on Select One... (1).

Then below, enter any role name that is different from System Admin role. In this example, we'll use "HR System Admin" in the Role Name field (2).

In the Role Hierarchy Value field (3), enter 1.

After these fields are filled out, begin checking all permission checkboxes (4).

5. Click Save at the bottom right (💾).

6. Make sure to assign the intended user with the new role!

To do this:

  • Go to Manage Users 👨‍👦‍👦 and click the individual user record. On the User tab, click the Roles field to find the new role that was created. Click the X of the former role to remove it. Once finished, click Save at the bottom right (💾).

Edit Existing Default System Admin Role

After you've created an additional role with all permissions checked, it's now time to edit the current system administration permissions.

1. Go to Manage Roles ( 🔑 )

2. Select the System Admin role and uncheck the following permissions:

💡 TIP: To find the below permissions faster, use CTRL + F on your keyboard and type the permission below to find all matching results.

  • View Read Only Payroll Data – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record.

  • View Pivot Table Reports - Hours – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record. (Need to also have permission checked “View Pivot Table Reports” and “View Revenue”)

  • View End Of Month Report – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record. (Need to also have permission checked “View Revenue”)

3. Click Save at the bottom right (💾). Permissions will update to all users who have the role of System Admin.

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