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Restricting Permissions for Viewing Payroll Data
Restricting Permissions for Viewing Payroll Data

This article talks about the best way for users to help in system admin activities but not access payroll information.

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When your company onboards onto Aspire, it may setup several users with the System Admin role. Being a System Admin has a lot of permissions, including the ability to view employees' payroll information on the contact record. If your company does not want certain power users to view this information, a great option will be using the Enhanced Branch Admin Security permission!

Roles that Show Payroll Information

  • System Admin – Will default to show payroll tab on employee contact

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What Does Enhanced Branch Admin Do?

With the Enhanced Branch Admin permission checked, users assigned to the Branch Admin Role will be able to do some additional things within the system, specifically in Administration. This also depends on the branches they are assigned on their user record (which we will discuss later).

Below is a table that summarizes differences and similarities. To learn more details, read this article.


Branch Admin

Enhanced Branch Admin

Manage Users



Manage Devices



Manage Services



Manage Items



Manage Workflows



Manage Pricing



Manage Branches



⚠️ View Payroll Information



⚠️ Create and Manage Lists



*applies only to branches that are assigned to the user's record.

Checking the Enhanced Branch Admin Permission

If you have decided to use the Enhanced Branch Admin permission for your Branch Admin role, let's start by checking the permission.

1. Navigate to the Administration module by clicking your User Profile in the bottom left corner and then Administration (⚙️)

2. Select Configuration in the upper right corner and then the Application subsection.


3. Check the Enhance Branch Security Permission. This will give anyone with the Branch Administrator role increased permission for the branches they are assigned to..

4. Click Save in the upper right.

Permissions Needing to be Unchecked on Branch Admin Role

1. Go to Administration ➡️ User Management ➡️ User Roles

2. Select the Branch Admin role and uncheck the following permissions:

  • In Time Reporting: View Read Only Payroll Data – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record.

  • In Time Reporting: HR Admin This is defaulted to be unchecked for Branch Admins, however, verify this permission is left unchecked.

  • In Reports: View Pivot Table Reports - Hours – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record. (if View Pivot Table Reports and View Revenue are also checked)

  • In Reports: View End Of Month Report – If left checked, will show Payroll section on contact record. (If View Revenue is also checked)

💡 TIP: To find the below permissions faster, use CTRL + F on your keyboard and type the permission below to find all matching results

Assigning the User Role and Adding Branches in the User Record

Since Enhanced Branch Admin abilities only apply to branches the Branch Admin is assigned to in their user record, it will be important to give users all needed branches.

  1. Go to the Contacts module.

  2. Search for the user's contact.

  3. Once found, click on the user's contact.

  4. Click the triple dot menu and select Update User. If the employee has not had a user profile created, it will say Create User.

  5. If you would like the user to have the upgraded permissions for all branches, keep the All Branch Access checked. As well, assign the user the role of Branch Admin.

  6. Click Save in the top right.

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