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Administration Visibility for Branch Administrators
Administration Visibility for Branch Administrators

Learn here about the Branch Admin checkbox and what the Enhance Branch Admin Security checkbox gives to Branch Admin level user roles.

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Branch Administrators are useful when it comes to managing branch specific data like approving devices, adding items to the item catalog, adjusting pricing, and can be limited by the amount of data they can see in their Aspire account.

📑For a downloadable role and permission matrix spreadsheet, please read here.

📑To learn about additional permissions you can grant to Branch Administrators, please refer to the role permissions article, here.

Understanding the Branch Administrator Permission

Although checking this box allows users access to all modules of Aspire, Branch Admins have administrative level permissions only for the branches they are assigned to on their user details of their contact record.

This permission allows access to the Quick Menu and the creation of miscellaneous invoices from New Misc. Invoice, as long as View Invoice and Edit Invoice checkboxes are also enabled for the admin’s user role.

If Edit Invoice permission is granted, Branch Admins can also edit invoices, including adding and deleting line items, for batches who have a status of Draft and not Sent.

For larger companies with many branches and a larger infrastructure, Enhanced Branch Admin Security allows the distribution of greater responsibility to Branch Managers while limiting access to the branches or Administration tabs they are authorized to manage.

Using the Enhance Branch Admin Security Checkbox

To use this feature, you will need to select the checkbox called Enhance Branch Admin Security on the Application tab of Configuration screen. This gives extra visibility and permissions to Branch Administrators without assigning them as System Administrators.

This is especially useful for large organizations with many branches.

When the Enhance Branch Admin Security checkbox is selected in addition to Branch Admin, users will also have access to additional tabs and subtabs in Administration:

User Management

  • Devices

  • Users


  • Item Catalog

  • Pricing Mark-Ups

  • Service Catalog

  • Workflows


  • Branches

📌Note: The functions in each section are still limited based on the Branch Administrator’s branch access assigned on the User Role section of their Contact record.

⚠️ Without the Enhance Branch Admin Security enabled, Branch Administrators would only have access to User Management ▶️Devices.

User Management


Branch Admins can view devices that are associated with the branches they are assigned to. They can activate or deactivate devices. This is regardless of if Enhance Branch Admin Security is enabled or not. They cannot delete devices on this tab.


When Branch Admin Security is enabled, Branch Administrators can view or edit users from the Users tab in Administration, but only for users who are assigned to the branches they can access. They can create new Users from this section as well as in the Contacts module as long as Add Contacts and Edit My/All Contacts were enabled for their user role.

If the user that needs editing has All Branch Access, the Branch Admin will not be able to make any changes to their contact record.

When editing new or existing user accounts, Branch Admins can only provide branch access for branches they also have access to. They cannot assign any permission that includes the System Admin permission.

📌Note: Branch Administrators cannot edit User Roles, even with Enhance Branch Admin Security enabled.


Service Catalog

As a Branch Administrator, you can view any service in the Service Catalog, regardless of branch access.

While this is true, you will have read-only access that prevents you from editing service details that are assigned to branches to which you have no access. The one exception to this is access to the Bulk Actions drop down, which allows Branch Admins access to edit features regardless of branch access.

When adding new services, you will only be able to add branches to which you have Branch Admin access, or you can designate the service for All Branches.

Item Catalog

Enabling Enhanced Branch Admin Security allows you to create and edit items in the Item Catalog but only on the Branch Admin’s assigned branches.

🧠 If more than one branch is listed on an item and the Branch Admin doesn’t have access to all branches, the item with multiple branches cannot be edited.

As a branch administrator, you can view all items in a read-only format in the Item Catalog regardless of your branch access.

Branch Administrators can manage the Price List on an item’s detail screen, and set Purchase Unit Cost, but not edit Purchase Unit or Allocations once the item has been created. They could edit the rest of the fields in the Item’s details screen.

The Bulk Actions drop down is not available to Branch Administrators in the Item Catalog unless System Admin permission is also given.

In Lists throughout Aspire, item dropdowns only allow selecting items to which you have branch access including items that provide access to All Branches.


Branch Administrators can only view or edit workflows that they have branch access to. Branch Admins cannot create new Workflows.

Pricing Mark-Ups

Branch Administrators can only create or edit on the Pricing Mark-Ups tab that they have branch access to.



As a branch administrator, you can only view or edit branches on the Branches tab that you have branch access to. You can not create new branches.

You can edit information on the Invoicing section of the Branch screen every other section or checkbox is read-only.

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