LandOne provides tools for measuring to create property takeoffs using aerial images or PDFs. Aspire has integrated with this measurement tool allowing it to be accessed from within Aspire for measuring takeoffs. Measurements made are then automatically updated in Aspire.

⚠️ A user assigned to the System Admin role is required for these steps to be completed.

In order to integrate with LandOne, there are steps that must be completed in Aspire. The following instructions detail the information that is required to set up the integration between the systems.

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Enabling the Integration in Aspire

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Enabling Option and Choosing Provider in Administration

Once the feature has been made available, the integration can be enabled within Aspire.

1. From the main sidebar menu in Aspire, click on the Administration option.

2. Once opened, click on the Edit Application Configuration ( ✏️ ) icon.

3. The takeoff integration options can be found by clicking on the Application tab.

4. The Enable Takeoff Integration must be selected first, and then the option for which service should be used will become active.

API Client ID and Secret

⚠️ Access to the API is required in order to have a Client ID and Secret, which is needed to complete the integration with LandOne. The Client ID and Secret will need to be provided to each program.

From Evolution Administration, click on the API option.

If one is not already present, a Client ID and Secret will need to be created by clicking the Generate button. The Secret should be recorded and kept in a safe place.

⚠️ If there are other integrations that use these credentials, please remember that if the Secret needs to be regenerated at any time, the value will need to be updated in all integrations using these values.

For more information on managing the API credentials, refer to the API Credential Generation article for more details.

Setting Up LandOne

The integration between LandOne and Aspire requires the following steps to be completed in LandOne.

1. In LandOne, click on the Account Information icon in the upper right corner and select Integrations from the menu.

📌 Note: The user role must be set to Org Admin in order to see this option.

2. The Aspire API Credentials screen will appear where the Client ID and the Client Secret will need to be entered in order to connect with LandOne.

3. Click on Add Your Aspire API Credentials to begin entering the credentials from Aspire. These credentials are copied in from the Evolution Administration - API settings in Aspire (see previous setup information for assistance).

4. Once the credentials are entered, click on the Save Credentials button. The screen will look similar to the following.

Using the LandOne Takeoff Integration

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When the takeoff integration is enabled, a new button is available for launching the appropriate service. Within the service, takeoffs can be set for the selected properties, and those takeoffs will be updated in Aspire.

The takeoff items from Aspire are reflected in the takeoff service. However, the takeoff values for any given takeoff item are only synchronized from the takeoff service to Aspire, and not the other way around.

To use the integration:

1. In Aspire, select Properties from the menu and choose the desired property. The property must have a valid address in order for the integration to launch properly.

2. With the Properties tab displayed, click on the More icon (•••) on the right side.

3. Select the Takeoffs option from the menu

4. The Property Takeoffs screen will be displayed with the Services/Items that were defined in Admin previously.

📌 Note: If there are not takeoffs defined in Admin, then the Launch LandOne button will be inactive, and if clicked a tooltip will display that indicates the next steps for the user.

5. In order to move into LandOne to perform the takeoffs, click on the Launch LandOne icon at the top of the screen.

6. The LandOne program will launch, and you will be asked to login.

7. Once logged in, the address from Aspire will be used to locate any existing projects that match the address. If an existing project is not found, a new project will be created, and the option of how to continue in creating the project needs to be selected:

Once the desired option has been chosen, click on the Next button.

8. For this example, the Capture Aerial option was chosen in the previous step. With that option chosen, once the Next button is clicked, the Choose Aerial Image screen will appear. This screen is used to capture the aerial image of the desired area.

9. Once the image appears, the takeoff items are displayed down the left side of the screen and measurements are ready to be taken.

10. As takeoffs are conducted, the measurements will be updated in the appropriate lines in LandOne. (See: 60" Rider Mower)

11. In order to send the takeoffs back to Aspire, click Send Data to Aspire, which is located on the right side of the screen.

12. Once this button is selected, the Aspire Property Takeoff screen will be displayed and you will chose to send Estimates or Actuals back to Aspire.

Select the appropriate option and then click on the OK button.

13. Once the Send Data to Aspire option has been configured, the project screen will display the measurement data under the option on the right side of the screen. This example is sending Actuals back to Aspire.

14. As the measurements are taken, they are also being updated in Aspire automatically to the Property Takeoffs. To see the measurement updates in Aspire, the Property Takeoffs screen needs to refreshed by closing the screen (if still open) and then reopening it.


If you have feedback, questions, or need assistance with this integration, please contact us using the chat module inside LandOne or contact AspireCare.

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