The API option from Evolution Administration allows access to the Aspire API. The credentials are generated for each Aspire system, which are then used when accessing the API. Once access has been acquired, the API can be accessed.

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Q: What is the new API?

A: Aspires previous API was SOAP based and a number of clients use it today. The new API is Rest based and was released 10/28/21.

Q: What happens to current clients using the original API?

A: Today, nothing. Clients can continue to use the original API. It won’t be phased out until at least end of 2022 but they will be provided updates in the future.

Q: Where is documentation for the new API?

A: Documentation for the new API is on Swagger. Any changes or updates to the new API will be documented on swagger. API Query documentation can be found on Aspire knowledge base.

Q: Who has access to the new API?

· Enterprise Tier: API included

· Corporate Tier: API can be added for $350 a month.

· Growth Tier: API is not available.

Q: Where does a company go if they have additional questions about the new API?

A: Aspire clients can submit questions through support chat.

Q: What about IPS, GoiLawn, LandOne, Greenius, GPS clients?

A: If a client signs up for IPS, Greenius, GoiLawn, LandOne or GPS and needs access to the API they can submit request through AspireCare support chat.

Q: Does Aspire have a third-party reference building the API?

A: Yes, Data Channel is an Aspire partner that has provided API solutions for Aspire Clients. For more information contact your Customer Success or Implementation Manager.

Q: Does Aspire provide technical support?

A: It is the client’s responsibility to build the API. Aspire will assist in defining fields from the API to the client’s technical team. If an extended meeting is required, the client would be billed $250 per hour.

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