Aspire Software has the ability to track collection notes that are associated with your properties. Even better, this article explains the many places that you can enter collection notes and how to view them in lists or reports!

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Places to Enter Collection Notes

There are three areas you can enter collection notes:

  1. Property

  2. Payment

  3. Receivables List


Let’s look at the first option by going to a Property. Clicking into the property record, you will see the property information, for example, for Camille Court Apartments.

Using the triple dot menu in the upper right, select Edit Property (a).

On the right hand side, there is a text box called Collection Notes to enter any notes needed for collections.

Once finished adding these notes, click Save.


The Payment Screen has a section within the Notes area on the right hand side for Collection Notes (b).

You can select which Property associated with the account to add the Collection Notes to (c).

Receivables List

On the Receivables list, you can add Collection Notes as a display to the list and add to them (d).

Where To View Collection Notes

Properties Search List

The Properties Search List has a field for Collection Notes available for display (e).

It will include notes that were added directly to the Property as well as from Payments that were designated for the particular property.

Receivables Search List

Receivables list has a display field available for Collection Notes (f). It will add it into the triple dot menu on the right hand side of your Receivables list.

If you select the triple dot, you can click on the Collection Notes option and review existing notes and add to them as well (d).

You can filter the list based on the Collection Notes as well by using the filter type of contains.

AR Aging Report

The AR Aging Report will display Collection Notes under each Property. This can be collapsed or expanded to review the notes (g) using the arrow

AR Aging Detail Report

AR Aging Detail Report will also display Collection Notes under each Property which can be collapsed or expanded to review the notes (h) using the arrow.

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