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Interested about notes in Aspire? Read this article to understand how the different note types can improve your communications internally!

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Notes in Aspire can provide an advanced way to communicate with your teams that are in office as well as out in the field.

You can use notes to notify your crew leaders of important things to know before they arrive or while they are onsite; you can also make sure important information about customers and their properties are relayed to your team in the office.

This article discusses where each note type appears in Aspire, as well as clarifies what note types are visible to your onsite teams when using Crew Mobile.

Learn what notes can do for you and your teams to improve your daily workflows and increase awareness across your teams!

Quick Reference Chart for Available Note Types

In this article, details on each note type available will be discussed. Use this chart as a quick reference to help you understand which note to use when making edits, updating properties and work tickets in Aspire.

Type of Note

Location in Aspire

How the Note is Used

Visible in Crew Mobile?

Properties ➡️ Property Record

Used to record important notes about the property being serviced. Can be used to communicate information about client's preferences for billing, or services.

Properties ➡️ Property Record

Used to communicate information regarding the property to Crews and Crew Leaders. Can be used for things like gate codes, or important property related information so your teams are prepared.


On the Work Ticket Info screen

Properties ➡️ Property Record

Visible only when in Snow Mode.

Displayed in place of Operation Notes.

Used for Snow related communications.


On the Work Ticket Info screen

Opportunities ➡️ Opportunity Record ➡️ Estimate ➡️ Service Details Screen ➡️ Operation Notes

Used to communicate information for service specific related actions when your crew is onsite.

Does not apply to every service on the job, only for the Work Tickets relating to the service the note is for.


On the Work Ticket Info screen

Work Tickets ➡️ Work Ticket Record ➡️ Ticket Notes

Used to communicate information related to specific work tickets when your crew is onsite.

Does not apply to all work tickets. Crews cannot update Ticket Notes.


On the Work Ticket Info screen

Scheduling, Property, Opportunities Modules, Time Entry Screen, and on individual Work Ticket Details screen

Can be used for internal communication between office staff and crews.

Allows crew leaders to update Visit Notes with images and replies.

Can be published on Work Ticket Layouts to customers if note is marked as Public.


On the Work Ticket Info screen

For Estimator Notes, Opportunities ➡️ Opportunity Record ➡️ Estimator Notes

For Estimating Notes, Opportunities ➡️ Opportunity Record ➡️ Estimate ➡️ Service Details Screen ➡️ Estimating Notes

Estimator Notes allow your Sales Representatives to provide notes to estimators for the entire bid or on items within a bid for an Opportunity.

Estimating Notes allow estimators to include their own notes for an item that then becomes available in the Purchasing Assistant when the purchasing agent is creating purchase receipts.

Property Notes

Property Notes are available for office employees and are used to record important notes about your properties that your team should be aware of. This note type can be used to help communicate information about the client’s preferences.

📌 Note: Property Notes are for your internal employees that use the desktop version of Aspire and do not appear in Crew Mobile.

Operation Notes

Operations Notes can be entered on properties in the Properties module. After Operations Notes are created, they are available to crew leaders in Crew Mobile.

📌 Note: Operations Notes are displayed on any service or work ticket that relate to the property.

After Operation Notes are created, they are also visible in Crew Mobile.

Review them by clicking Schedule ▶️ selecting the Work Ticket ▶️ and then by clicking the information tool tip to display the Work Ticket Info screen.

Snow Operation Notes

Text-only Snow Operation Notes are available for properties. They are created inside of the Properties module and are only visible if your system is in Snow Mode.

These notes are displayed for crew leaders in Crew Mobile when the information for a work ticket is shown.

📌 Note: Snow Notes are only displayed on a work ticket if it is tied to the Snow division.

When in Snow Mode, these notes are displayed in place of the properties’ Operation Notes. If the work ticket is in the Snow division and no Snow Operation Note is available, then the Operation Notes are displayed.

Service Specific Operation Notes

Service Operation Notes appear on the service that is on an estimate in the Opportunities module.

🧠 This type of note is displayed as Operation Notes inside of the Service Details screen; this is to let the estimator or your internal employees know that this is an internal note, and will not be public to your customers. On the work ticket itself, this note type is shown as an Operations Note.

📌 Note: If there are multiple occurrences, the Service Operation Note will be duplicated for each service occurrence.

After a Service Operation Note is created, it then becomes visible in Crew Mobile. They are shown after choosing a work ticket for the first time from the schedule or by clicking on the tool tip near the contact telephone information.

Additional notes could also also appear on this screen, depending what type of notes have been previously recorded.

Ticket Notes

Ticket Notes are useful for communicating information that relates to a single work ticket's activity. Ticket Notes will not appear in other work tickets or in other services relating to the opportunity.

A good example of this when to use this type of note is if you wish your crew to speak to someone in particular for the visit they will complete that day, or if they need to pay specific attention to a certain task while onsite performing the service.

📌 Note: These notes appear in Crew Mobile on the Work Ticket Info screen and serves as a notification, only. Crews cannot reply to administration teams when using Ticket Notes. If you would like your crew to reply to a note you've made, consider using Visit Notes.

Visit Notes

Visit Notes are useful if you would like a more open line of communication between your onsite staff and your in-office staff. Additionally, this note type is helpful if you want to go the extra mile with a message to your customer after the work on their job has been completed.

Another example of the power of a visit note would be if your onsite crews have made onsite observations; in turn this could alert you to recommend additional services to your your customer. This increases a more proactive communication approach that could be leveraged for success and create awareness for your customer that you are invested in doing a great job for them!

  • Create Visit Notes in Aspire by navigating to the Scheduling module and by right clicking on a scheduled work ticket and selecting Edit Visit.

  • Clicking Add allows you to enter a new text based note that will be displayed on Visit Notes on the work ticket, as well as on Crew Mobile when reviewing work ticket details.

📌 Note: Visit Notes you include on a Work Ticket can be displayed on a Work Ticket and Invoice Layouts.

In order for the Layout to display the Visit Note, the note must be marked as Public.

⚠️ Once Visit Notes are created, they cannot be deleted. If you are using Visit Notes on Layouts, then you would need to uncheck the Public box and create another note with corrected information and make the new note Public.

  • You are also able to add images that will also appear under Visit Notes in Crew Mobile.

⚠️ If you delete a visit for a job and there is a note attached to the visit, the note will also be deleted!

  • Once created, Visit Notes are viewed by selecting Visit Notes from the drop-down in the Properties or the Opportunities module.

  • These notes are grouped by visit and identified by the route and visit date. Also visible from the Visit Note screen is the Created Date, who created the visit note, Opportunity Name and Work Ticket Number as well as any comment that was made in Crew Mobile.

  • In Crew Mobile, Visit Notes are found by clicking Schedule ▶️ selecting the Work Ticket ▶️ and then clicking Visit Notes.

Viewing Visit Notes on the Time Entry Screen

You are also able to view Visit Notes on the Time Entry Screen. The Visit Note icon is displayed on the day the work ticket is scheduled for.

A good example of this is below. Visit Notes were entered for the ticket. When reviewing Time Entry for the day of the visit, the icon appears and is available for viewing when approving time entry hours.

Clicking on the Visit Note icon displays the Visit Note details that are attached to the work ticket.

Creating Visit Notes in Crew Mobile

Visit Notes can also be created from the Work Ticket screen in Crew Mobile.

  • This type of note can be updated by your crew leader in Crew Mobile with text or images.

Estimator and Estimating Notes

The Estimator Notes field allows Sales Representatives to add notes that were identified during the sales process. These notes provide assistance to the estimator when they are making the opportunity estimate.

This is a text based note field only, and does not support formatting like other notes fields in Aspire.

  • Once Estimator Notes are entered on the opportunity details screen, they will also appear on the Estimate tab underneath the Estimate Summary.

  • If you click into an item on your estimate, on the Service Item Details screen, there is also a section to add Estimating Notes.

  • This field allows estimators to include their own notes for an item that then becomes available in the Purchasing Assistant when the purchasing agent is creating purchase receipts.

📌Note: Once an opportunity has been won, you are no longer able to update the Estimating Notes on the Service Items Details screen for individual items but you still can update Estimator Notes on the opportunity details screen.

Opportunity Invoice Notes, Collection Notes, Invoice Notes, and Statement Notes

There are additional note types available in Aspire; the majority of the additional types of notes are not visible in Crew Mobile and are more suited for use by Office Administrators, Accountants, or Accounts Receivable related roles.

📑 To learn more about additional note types available in Aspire, please read Using Collection, Invoice, Payment and Statement Notes, found here.

Training Video

If you are curious to learn more about the different types of notes available in Aspire, watch our quick walkthrough video!


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  • 1:14 Snow Operation Notes

  • 1:32 Service Notes

  • 2:27 Ticket Notes

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