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Requesting Equipment Service in Aspire Mobile
Requesting Equipment Service in Aspire Mobile

Set up Equipment Service Requests for use in Aspire Mobile to improve communications across teams and improve repair turnaround times!

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For service vehicles used to transport crews and equipment items, you can set up Request Equipment Service.

This feature allows crew leaders to immediately flag issues to minimize equipment downtime. The most helpful part of this feature is that it keeps office staff informed on what the field teams need and in turn they can work together to keep equipment performing best.


For Administration Set Up:

✅ To access the Equipment tab to create Service Tags, you must have Equipment Admin added to your user role.

✅ To view the Equipment module, you must also have View Equipment added to your user role. Equipment Admin permission also grants access to the Equipment module.

For Aspire Mobile:

✅ In order for Request Equipment Service to work, you must have equipment assigned to your crew leader’s routes.

✅ In order for users to Request Equipment Service in Aspire Mobile, they must have Crew Leader assigned to their user role.

Setting up Equipment Service Requests

Equipment Service Requests in Aspire Mobile allow crew leaders to minimize equipment downtime. It keeps the office in the loop on field needs so they can line up maintenance support.

First, you would need to set up service request details for a crew leader’s route to appear in Aspire Mobile.

  • From the Home Screen, navigate to your Profile Icon and select Administration.

  • Click on the Equipment tab at the top.

Making Service Tags

First, begin by creating Service Tags for Equipment Service Requests. The reason is because they provide more details to your office staff when crew leaders submit their equipment requests.

📑Additionally, Service Tags are used when setting up Equipment Inspection Reports, which we will discuss in this article.

  • Click Settings, and then Equipment. Select the Service Tags tab.

  • Choose New to create a New Equipment Service Tag.

  • For the Service Type drop down, use Request Service.

    • Using Request Service as the Service Type tells Aspire to add the request to the Service Logs tab in Equipment once the request is submitted.

  • In the Service Name field, add a short description name of the service. This helps categorize the requests for your office staff.

    • Once information is added, click Save to create your new Service Tag.

Now, when your crew leaders are in the field and need to request service, they can provide additional information including adding a Service Tag.

You can proceed to the next step of assigning equipment items to routes.

Assigning Equipment to Routes

When a truck, or other asset is assigned to a route, it becomes visible in Aspire Mobile under Request Equipment Service. From there, crew leaders can notify the office when that equipment item needs maintenance or repair.

  • Start in the Equipment module and open the equipment item’s details screen.

  • Assign the route to the equipment item and select Save.

In the example below, Camille’s Route has been assigned to Camille’s Work Truck. This means that Crew Leader Camille is now able to keep track of repairs needed for all equipment items assigned to her route.

This allows the equipment items to appear in Aspire Mobile. Crew Leaders will see these items available for Service Requests after they log in on their devices!

Requesting Equipment Service in Aspire Mobile

Request Equipment Service in Aspire Mobile allows crew leaders to provide details so the office can best address the needed repair.

Specifying the equipment name makes sure the right asset is serviced. Also, the notes section helps the crew leader to explain specifics about the issue. This allows servicing with the proper parts or tools. The clearer the details from crews, the faster issues can be resolved!

In our example below, Crew Leader Camille noticed during her last shift that her truck needs a paint touch up to resolve a rust spot that could cause further damage.

She submits the Equipment Service Request in Aspire Mobile to let office staff know to schedule a technician for service.

Since Crew Leader Camille submitted the request, her part is done. Now you can review the request in Aspire Desktop and schedule repairs.

Using Service Lists in the Equipment Module

The Services Due tab displays a report for Equipment Service Requests. This tab shows requests across all routes, but you can use filters and display options to narrow down the search list, if need be.

You can review pending requests, check on statuses of repairs, and make sure requests get resolved with the help of the Services Due report.

Additional benefits of using the Service Request tab include:

  • Sorting by priority so urgent issues are fixed quickly

  • Assigning technicians and scheduling service dates

  • Communicating updates to other departments about equipment assets

Reviewing Services Due

  • After selecting a request from the list, you can update Equipment Service Requests in the Service Log.

Here is the Aspire Desktop view of the Equipment Service Request made by Crew Leader Camille:

Once the Service Log page is completed, the request details are relocated from the Services Due tab to the Service Logs tab.

Adding Manual Service Logs

You can also manually create a Service Log on a single equipment asset.

Instead of using the Services Due tab you can select the equipment asset from the Equipment tab and scroll to the Service Logs section. Review all existing Services that have been logged for that piece of equipment, or select New to manually create a new Service Log.

In the example below, we are reviewing the Equipment details screen for Camille's Work Truck, and see that there is an existing Service Log for the paint service that was completed.

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