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Learn how equipment inspection reports work, how to set them up, and how to review them!

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In Aspire, you can evaluate equipment quality with Equipment Inspections using Crew Mobile. Use a Pass/Fail or Green/Yellow/Red grade to rate quality or equipment, initial inspections, or any other inspection type you set up in Aspire.

You can also configure your application settings to automatically generate a service request for Inspection Categories with failing scores.

The data created equipment inspections made in Crew Mobile are then added to the Equipment Inspection Report.


To create equipment inspections and to view and generate reports from those inspections, you will need the following permissions enabled for your User Role.

✅To create and edit Equipment Inspections, you must have Create Equipment Inspections permission enabled for your user role. This permission also gives you access to the Equipment Inspection Report in the Reports module. If this permission is not enabled, you will only be able to see the Inspection Report on an Equipment’s Detail screen.

✅To see details on the Equipment Inspection Report, both View Drill Down Reports and View Drill Down Reports - Equipment Inspections permissions must be enabled.

✅If you need to access the Reports module, enable View Revenue for your user role so the icon is displayed in the blue side menu.

In Crew Mobile, in order to see the Request Equipment Service and Equipment Inspections as options:

✅The permission to View Equipment or Admin Equipment must be enabled under your User Role and the equipment that you are using must be assigned to the same route.

✅To use Equipment Inspections, you must be assigned as a Crew Leader.

Turning On Automatic Service Requests

If an Equipment Inspection receives a failing score while your crew is out in the field, you can set up automatic Service Requests in Aspire. You can set this up by selecting the Auto Generate Service Requests on Equipment Inspection Submission checkbox. This checkbox is found in your Administration settings.

  • Go to your Profile Icon and then Administration.

  • Click on Configuration. Select the Application tab.

  • Click the Auto Generate Service Requests on Equipment Inspection Submission checkbox and press Save.

Configuring Service Tags

It’s optional to use Service Tags in Aspire. Most users use service tags to quickly group and identify the service needed when requesting an Equipment Service in Crew Mobile.

  • While in Administration, select the Equipment tab.

  • Click on the Service Tags tab.

  • Select Request Service from the Service Type dropdown.

📌Note: This is the only service type that can be used for Service Tags.

  • Create a Service Name.

  • Click Save.

Set up Inspection Types

This is where you will set up the rating scale and your Inspection Types required for your Equipment Inspection. Inspection Types help categorize what type of inspection your crew leader is completing.

  • In the Equipment tab, navigate to the Inspection Types tab.

  • You can review the current Inspection Types set up for your system, or click New to create a new Inspection Type.

  • Name your Inspection Type and choose your Inspection Scale type then Save. The Inspection Scale is the type of rating you want crew leaders to use for their inspection.

Configure Inspection Categories

Inspection Categories are made to include Inspection Types, Service Tags and stress the importance of the Equipment Inspection before a work ticket can be completed.

They also make sure all of the information is formatted to appear correctly when your crew leaders use this feature in Crew Mobile.

  • Select the Inspection Categories tab.

  • Select New to create an Inspection Category.

  • Fill in the required fields and any additional fields necessary.

  • Inspection Category Name - This is an identifier for the Inspection Type that will be performed.

  • Service Tag - This is an optional field. Add a Service Tag to identify and group the Inspection Category by the service needed if the category receives a failing score.

  • Inspection Types - Add the Inspection Types that will be in the Inspection Category.

  • Display Order - Select a numerical value to represent the order in which the Inspection Category should appear in the Inspection Types in which they are included.

  • Click Save.

📌 Note: You cannot delete Inspection Categories once they are in use.

After you have reviewed and edited all of the inspection settings in Administration, confirm that your equipment is assigned to the correct route to make sure that your Crew Leaders can view the inspection report while they are out in the field.

Using Equipment Inspections in Crew Mobile

Once you have finished customizing your settings, you and your crew leaders can start using Equipment Inspections in Crew Mobile.

To create equipment inspections in Crew Mobile, log in to your account and select Equipment Inspections from the menu.

  • Choose an Equipment item from the Select One dropdown at the top of the screen.

  • On the next screen, you will see a history of the previous equipment inspections, if any exist.

  • Select New in the bottom right corner of the screen to create a new inspection.

  • Select an Inspection Type.

  • Complete the inspection by adding a score to your equipment inspection categories.

    • Descriptions and images can be added in each category.

Example of Red/ Yellow/ Green inspection type:

  • On the Confirm screen, review the inspection details and click Agree.

    • Once you click Agree, you cannot go back and make any changes to the inspection.

Things to Know when using Crew Mobile During Inspections

  • You will only see equipment items that are assigned to the same route that you are assigned to.

  • Only Crew Leaders can view Equipment Inspection history and details.

  • You will only see Equipment Inspections for equipment that is marked as In Service.

  • You can only add one photo to a category by uploading an existing photo or by capturing a photo in Crew Mobile.

  • You can see up to 30 of the most recent inspections for equipment in Crew Mobile and you can view all inspections in the Equipment module under the equipment's item details.

Using Automatic Service Requests

If you’ve configured Automatic Service Requests in Administration, you can view the service request in Aspire Desktop once a failed inspection has been submitted.

To view a service request that is generated from a failing category:

  • Click into the Equipment module.

  • Select an item from the equipment search list screen.

  • Select the hyperlink in the Previous Inspection Report field.

  • Click on the desired Inspection Report.

  • Expand the Category containing the inspection failure.

  • Click the exclamation icon in the category to view and manage the service request.

📌Note: If multiple categories with a failing score share the same service tag, only one service request will be generated.

  • Any note posted in the category of a failing score will also be added to the service request.

  • If multiple failing service categories generate the same Service Request, only one service request will be created. For example, if you have a failing category for tire tread and tire sidewall and both contain a tire replacement Service Request, only one service request will be created.

  • If an Equipment Inspection is done that contains a failing category with a service request that is the same as an existing open service request, a new one will not be generated.

Viewing Equipment Inspection Reports

You can view Equipment Inspection reports in the Reporting module.

  • After navigating to the Reports module, click on Standard Reports.

  • Select Equipment Inspection under the Production section.

  • Select a line item if you need more information.

    • Default columns include: Inspection Type, Equipment Description, Score, and Completed Dates.

  • You are then directed to the original report that was submitted.

Video for Equipment Inspection Reports

In this video, you'll:

  • Learn how to use equipment inspection reports in Crew Mobile

  • Learn how to setup equipment inspection reports in Aspire

  • Learn how to review equipment inspection reports in Aspire


  • 0:00 Introduction

  • 0:27 How Equipment Inspections Work in Crew Mobile

  • 1:15 Setting Up Equipment Inspections

  • 2:23 Reviewing Equipment Inspection Reports in Aspire

  • 2:36 Review

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