Inactivating an Employee

Learn how to inactivate an employee after they are no longer with your company!

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While it's important to add new employees to your system, it is just as important to inactivate employees who are no longer at your company. Inactivating former employees means that they can no longer access Aspire, and they won't be available in search lists or drop-down selections.

📌 Note: In Aspire, for historical purposes, you can't delete a contact record, including former employees.

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  • To do the below, you must have System Admin access.

Inactivating an Employee with an User Account

1. Click Settings

2. Click Administration

3. Then go to the User Management tab.

4. Click Users.

5. Select the name of the employee to be inactivated.

6. Slide the Active bar to the left so it turns grey.

7. Delete any Branches and uncheck 'All Branch Access' box.

8. Remove the user's role from the Roles field.

9. Click Save.

Note: Once the User is saved, the Employee’s Contact record will automatically be Inactive (See Below).

Inactivating a Crew Member

📌 Note: Crew Members log in with a PIN and do not have a user account

1. Go to the crew member’s contact (employee) record in Contacts

2. Select the Active slide. (This will turn to grey when inactive)

3. Scroll down to the Payroll section and delete the Employee PIN.

4. Click Save.

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