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Saving and Sharing Your Created Lists

Now that you've learned the four functions to lists, it's time to save them!

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Saving a New List

By using the Filter, Display, Sort, and Group options on a list, you are able to create a list that shows the specific information you’d like to see.

The next step is to save the list and share it with others in your organization so that you can easily utilize the list without having to rebuild it each time you’d like to view the information.

Once you have built a list using the Filter, Display, Sort, and Group options, click the green Save button to save the list.

This will open the Advanced Search Save box. Let's break this section down!

The Name field allows you to give the list a unique name. This is the name that will appear in the dropdown list once the list is saved.

The Rows per Page field allows you to determine how many rows you’d like to see on a single page. Most lists in Aspire allow for a maximum of 500 rows. The allowed range is listed below the text field. Aspire recommends using the maximum number of rows when saving a list to allow for the least number of pages.

Checking the My Default box allows you to set a list as your default whenever you use that specific module or search screen. In the below example, in the Properties module, the list “Ashley’s Branch” will be displayed each time the Properties module is opened.

If I'm a branch manager, this is great for only seeing the properties that I oversee.

The Wrap Text option allows the system to wrap the text to an additional line of text instead of cutting off the text.

Example of Wrap Text checked:

Example of Wrap Text not checked:

Sharing a List

By default, a built list will not be available for viewing by others in the organization. However, a list can be shared with others in the organization to view and/or edit.

There are two options for sharing a list.

  • The first option is to share the list with a specific user.

    • In this example, the list is being shared with user Anthony Jones. A list can be shared with several users.

    • You can also determine whether that user should have the ability to Edit the list. This will allow them to edit your lists you have shared with them. Allowing view access will give the user a read-only version of the list and will not be able to make edits to that list.

  • The second option for sharing a list is to share it with a user role. In this example, the list is being shared with the System Admin role. This means that any user with the user role of System Admin will be able to view or edit the list. A list can be shared with several user roles.

🧠 Tip: Before creating several lists and sharing them with others, consider creating a generic List Building contact and user profile (First Name: List, Last Name: Admin). This way, if you or someone that shared important lists, changes positions or exits the company, the lists won't need to be rebuilt again.

When you are ready to finally save the list, click Save.

The list will then appear in the dropdown at the top of the screen. The user who created the list will see it in the Created by Me section.

The users with whom the list was shared will see it in the Shared with Me section.

View Existing Lists

To view existing saved lists, click into the dropdown at the top of the search screen:

This dropdown allows you to view lists that have been created by you, shared with you by others in your organization, and system default lists.

Editing an Existing Shared List

If you created a list or have Edit access to a list that was shared with you, you can make and save edits to the list. Changes can be made using the Filter, Display, Sort, and Group options or to any of the fields in the Advanced Search Save window.

📌 Note: If you are making changes to a list that has been shared with you, this will also affect the list that other people view.

Once you have made your needed changes, click the Save button.

In this example, we want to change the name of the list from “Ashley’s Branch” to “Ashley’s Branch Properties" to be more specific. Once the name has been changed, clicking Save will apply the changes to the existing list.

Saving a New Version of an Existing List (Save As)

There may be times where you like someone's list but want to add things to it without effecting their list.

To do this, click into the three-dot menu and select Save As.

This will open the Advanced Search Save As window and allow you to name and share the new version of the list.

In this example, the list was modified to add an additional field of Property Budget. This list will be saved as “Ashley’s Branch Budgets.”

Upon clicking Save, the new list will appear in the dropdown next to the original list that was edited.

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