Purchase Receipts Playbook
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What are we measuring: Any purchase receipt in new or received status created more than 15 days ago divided by the number of active branches in our system.

Why are we measuring this: Timeply purchasing and receipt approvals is very important for accurate job costing and accounting data. This is designed to help monitor and keep these lists small and help keep your vendor paid.

Scoring: N/A

Recreate Metric: Purchasing Module/Purchase Receipts- Filters: Created Date Less than 15 Days Ago, Receipt Status Name in New; Filters: Received Date Less than 15 Days Ago, Status Name in Received

False Negatives:

  • Long project timelines between when it was signed and the work actually starts

Common Issues:

  • Receipts are not being managed in a timely manner, there is no process in place to get receipts from new to received to approved


  • Centralize your Purchasing Process - create an SOP

  • Input initials for whoever requested the PR as the invoice # for the PR, then create a dashboard dial for each individual requesting PRs for daily review- this makes tracking of who requested the PR and who should have received the materials much easier

  • Create dashboards that show Created Date for “New” and “Received” longer than 15 days with record count


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