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Opportunity Aging Pipeline Playbook
Opportunity Aging Pipeline Playbook
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What are we measuring: Opportunities that are in the pipeline created more than 120 days ago.

Why are we measuring this: It's important to keep the sales pipeline clean so you can get an accurate idea of the opportunities in your pipeline, but this is often clouded by opportunities that should have been lost or cleaned up a long time ago. We use the metric below to understand the record counts and dollar amount impact on the pipeline.

Scoring: N/A

Recreate Metric: Opportunities Module – Filters: Status Name Not In Won, Lost, Created Date less than 120 days ago; Group: Sales Rep Name, Status Name; Display: Sum all dollars, add in Next Activity, Last Activity, Next Activity Date, Last Activity Date, New Email, New Issue, New Task, New Appointment

False Negatives:

  • If you see this number at 100%, that will tell you they are not entering in all of their opportunities, only the jobs they are winning- that will skew their data and they should be entering everything into Aspire and then marking the opportunities appropriately


  • Have regular sales meetings and review old jobs that were created X number of days ago - Utilize the Sales Pipeline List

  • Adding “Expiration Dates” to estimate layouts to help force the customer to agree by that date or you may need to re-estimate to make sure your costs are accurate since the market can change and prices for materials can fluctuate


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