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Open Contracts Past End Date Playbook
Open Contracts Past End Date Playbook
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What are we measuring: Open Contracts Past Their End Date

Why are we measuring this: Contracts open past their end date create issues in accounting, specifically over/under reporting by earning revenue outside of the contract.

Scoring: N/A

Recreate Metric: Opportunities Module – Filters Job Status in Production, End Date Through Yesterday, Opportunity Type in Contract

False Negatives:

  • N/A

Common Issues:

  • There could be earned revenue on these tickets that isn’t realized

  • Work ticket/s are in status of open, scheduled, or pending approval which holds up the opportunity from being completed

  • If you are doing work after the end date there will be over/under issues

  • Job cost could come through as warranty instead of standard which could cause reporting issues when looking at job efficiency


  • Complete or cancel the remaining work ticket from the opportunity past the contract end date, this will allow that opportunity to fall off of this report

  • Review work tickets in your weekly meetings


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