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Using Inova Labor Burden True-Up to Help Track Employee Costs
Using Inova Labor Burden True-Up to Help Track Employee Costs

Make sure you are effectively tracking employee costs by using Inova Labor Burden True-Up to add real labor burden costs to work tickets!

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To make sure you are effectively tracking employee costs, use the Inova Labor Burden True-Up to add real labor burden costs to each work ticket.

Completing a Labor Burden True-Up lets you record the full cost per employee on each ticket. This provides a more accurate accounting of total employee costs!

A labor burden true-up calculates the real burden costs using data from Inova. It updates Labor Cost Actuals on work tickets from selected pay periods. This makes the labor costs in Aspire match the true burden amounts by using the latest Inova data.


✅You have completed Inova integration set up with your Inova representative.

✅To view and use the Run Inova Labor Burden True-Up function on Weekly Time Review, you would need Enable Inova Labor Burden True-Up added to your user role.

To view and manage Inova connection and export options, you must have System Admin permission added to your user role.

To use Weekly Time Review, you must have either View All Time Permission or My Reports Permission added to your user role.

✅If you need to view Inova Pay Records within an employee’s contact record, either HR Admin Permission or View Read Only Payroll Data should be added to your user role.

Understanding the Labor Burden True-Up Workflow

It's important to understand the labor burden true-up process in Aspire. This includes what parts of Aspire are involved and what data is affected. Learning the steps of the true-up and what it impacts helps you use it effectively.

Here's the process to better understand Labor Burden True-Up in Aspire:

1. Administration Settings

Inova integration is set up with your Inova representative.

2. Weekly Time Review

Employees are selected and Labor Burden True-Up is started.

3. Calculation Occurs with Inova integration

Aspire pulls pay data from Inova and calculates Actual Labor Burden per employee per pay period.

4. Work Tickets Module

Aspire updates Labor Cost Actuals on work tickets that your selected employees worked during the selected pay period.

5. Reporting Module

Updated costs are reflected in work ticket details, but also in the End of Month (EOM) report and in the Hours Pivot report.

6. Contact Module

Aspire adds a read-only section in the employee contact record’s detail screen. Inova Pay Records displayed include calculated Actual Labor Burden for each payroll period the true-up was completed for.

Completing a Labor Burden True-Up

Once you have completed the integration steps with your Inova representative, you can run Inova Burden True-Ups in Weekly Time Review!

  • Navigate to the Scheduling module and select the Weekly Time Review tab.

  • You will see the Inova logo in the right corner with a drop down menu.

Below is a summary of the Inova drop down menu options:

  • Export

    • Exports payroll data for employees that you have selected with the green checkboxes.

  • Export All Employees

    • Exports payroll data for all employees.

  • Inova Settings

    • Shortcut to the Inova integration settings.

  • Run Labor Burden True-Up

    • Begins the Inova Burden True-Up process.

📌Note: You can only perform a true-up for employee contact records that are both in Inova and Aspire.

First, make sure your desired week date, branches, and pay schedules are selected.

  • Start by selecting the employees that will have the True-Up applied.

  • Choose Run Inova Burden True Up from the Inova drop down.

  • Select the pay period dates you want to include in the burden true-up.

    • You also have the option to choose the check box for Payroll Period to select all pay periods from the last 90 days displayed in the Run Inova Burden True-Up list.

🧠 You must uncheck the dates within a closed month if you do not want to include them in the true-up. Otherwise, the option to Submit the process will not be selectable.

  • Select Submit.

    • The Inova Burden True-Up will run in the background, and email you when the process is complete!

Once completed, a time stamp will appear listing the date timestamp of the last run within the Run Inova Burden True-Up details screen and on the Contact detail screen for an employee who has been trued-up.

During a Inova Burden True-Up data is synced and information is updated for your employees.

Here’s what syncs during the process:

  • Aspire User ID of the contact who initiated the true-up.

  • Completed Date of the true-up.

  • Employee Unique ID from Inova.

  • Payroll Period.

  • Gross Pay for each employee per pay period which is provided by Inova.

  • Cost fields included in the calculation from Inova:

    • Payroll Tax

    • Workers Comp

    • Benefits/Deductions

⚠️ If you try to initiate a true-up while the previous run is still in progress, you'll receive a notification indicating that another process can't be initiated. You must wait for the current true up to finish before starting a new one.

  • When the Labor Burden True-Up is done, you will get an email notification to inform you that you can run another report!

Things to Know about the Labor Burden True-Up Process

  • The pay periods listed in the run burden true-up window are the finalized pay periods pulled from Inova.

  • If an administrator changes the labor costs under Inova Settings, the change will be applied when a new burden true-up is run.

  • When you run a labor burden true-up that includes work tickets not completed in an open month, both Labor Cost Actuals and Earned Revenue will be updated.

  • When you run a labor burden true-up that includes work tickets within a closed month, Labor Cost Actuals are updated, but Earned Revenue will not be updated.

Reviewing Inova Pay Records in the Contacts Module

Inside of employee contact records, you can access details like available PTO hours and pay records from past labor burden true ups.

  • Navigate to an employee’s contact record to view their available PTO hours and Inova Pay Records.

  • Scroll down to the Inova Pay Records section on the Contact details screen to review True-Up Pay Records:

The columns available in the Inova Pay Records section are:

True Up Date

Date of True Up recorded in Aspire

Unique Contact ID

Pulled from Inova

Payroll Period

Payroll dates from Weekly Time Review in Aspire

Gross Pay

Total Pay before any deductions are made

Payroll Tax

Pulled from Inova

Workers Comp

Pulled from Inova


Pulled from Inova

Actual Burden

Calculated by Aspire

Actual Hourly Cost

Calculated by Aspire

📌Note: Any cost values omitted from the actual labor burden will be displayed as Not Included on the contact's Inova Pay Records.

Reviewing Paid Time Off Hour Balances for an Employee

With the Inova integration you can also view available Paid Time Off (PTO) hours for a specific employee, in a read-only field in Payroll on an employee contact’s details screen.

  • To view the PTO Available (hours) box on contact records, check Make PTO Balances Visible on Contact Page box in your Inova Settings.

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