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Using the Aspire + PropertyIntel Integration
Using the Aspire + PropertyIntel Integration

Learn about the Aspire + PropertyIntel Integration here!

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PropertyIntel offers a range of services and provides additional integrations with Aspire Software. PropertyIntel helps you collect, connect and visualize essential data you need to bid, win and service more jobs in less time.

Timeline of Services

As an Aspire Plus Client

As an Aspire Plus Client, your Implementation Manager will work with you to make sure you have the right production factors and takeoffs and kits created. This helps you and your team get the full benefits of using PropertyIntel within your Aspire account.

Once your Implementation Manager has made sure this step is done, then you can reach out to PropertyIntel Care to begin training and make sure you are comfortable with using Aspire and your PropertyIntel integration.

Request PropertyIntel Support in the section below! 👇

As an Existing Aspire Customer

If you already have an Aspire account set up, the process would be the same as above, except the person you work with to get your Aspire production factors set up would be your Customer Success Manager.

After that, you would reach out to PropertyIntel Care to begin the training process to use both Aspire and your PropertyIntel integration.

Click PropertyIntel Support to request your training with their team!

If You Keep Property Intel and Aspire Separate

If you do not use Aspire but you use PropertyIntel, you can start building your Kits, Items, and additional production factors directly into your PropertyIntel system.

👍Regardless of being an Aspire user or not, you'll start getting the PropertyIntel Insider, a monthly e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date on product releases, features and how-to, events, and more! 👍

Request a Demo of PropertyIntel

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of PropertyIntel, click the button below to request a demo.

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