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Setting Limits on Fixed-Priced Contract Services
Setting Limits on Fixed-Priced Contract Services

Learn how to set a date or occurrence limit on fixed-price contracts that have multiple service visits.

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If you had a snow related fixed price contract that needed additional visits or more time onsite, then extra ticket creation would be beneficial!

You can set a date or occurrence limit on fixed-price contracts that have multiple service visits. You can also set up your estimate to allow adding of As Needed T&M services once all of the fixed price service occurrences are completed or the contract end date for the fixed price services expires.

When your contract price needs to increase due to the required extended work, you have the flexibility to add additional Work Tickets. These tickets would be beyond the fixed-price contract you created and added at the T&M rate from your opportunity to your schedule board. This feature can only be used on services in a Fixed-Price Contract.

📑 You can read additional information about Using As Needed Services, here.


First, you need to tell your Aspire system to allow limiting of fixed price services. This is done in Administration.

⚠️This is a permanent action. You will not be able to undo this choice.

  • Go to Settings and then Administration.

  • Check the Enable Limiting Fixed Price Services box and Save.

Limiting a Fixed-Price Contract Service

Once you have made your change in Configuration, create a new Contract opportunity estimate. You will need to add both the Fixed-Price services and the As-Needed T&M services you might need to use for the job.

🧠 The purpose of adding As-Needed T&M services is for Work Tickets you might need to add to the schedule board if your team needs to complete additional work onsite.

Next, drill into the Service Details screen for each service under your Opportunity.

  • Set the Invoice Type to Fixed Payment.

  • In the Limit Fixed Price Services section, limit your service by the Contract End Date or by the occurrence of Visits.

  • Use the drop-down in the Switch To column to choose which T&M service should be linked to the Fixed-Price Service.

📌Note: If you link a Fixed-Price service to an As-Needed T&M service limited by the Contract End Date to an you must set a T&M End Date that is after the Contract End Date.

🧠 Once the As-Needed T&M services are linked to your Fixed-Priced services, you can identify them by an orange link icon next to the service line item.

  • If you choose to link a Fixed-Price service that is limited by Visit occurrence to an As-Needed T&M service, you must set the maximum number of visits for your Work Tickets.

Then, schedule your work tickets for the job that needs to be performed.

Adding Your T&M Service After Exceeding the Contract Limit

Once you have either completed all visits or the Contract End Date passes, you will see the following box on the schedule board when scheduling the job opportunity work tickets. This lets you know that your T&M tickets can now be added to the schedule board for completion.

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