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Making Time-Based Schedules
Making Time-Based Schedules

Learn how to set routes up with Time-Based Schedules for a more detailed approach to scheduling!

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Time-Based Scheduling assists in scheduling work ticket visits at specific times instead of only on specific days.

When you use this, you can set working hours for your crew, view available time on the schedule board, and schedule overnight visits with this feature.

After you have set up Time Based Scheduling in Administration, you can walkthrough the concepts from this article by watching this video.

Setting Up Time-Based Scheduling

To start using Time Based Scheduling, you must first configure your Branch and Route settings.

Branch Level Settings

  • Navigate to your Profile Icon, then Administration and select Organization.

  • Choose the Branches tab, and select the branch you would like to use Time-Based Scheduling.

  • On the branch details screen, locate the Time-Reporting section, and check the Time-Based Scheduling checkbox.

  • Click Save.

Once the branch settings are made, you can proceed with Route and Working Hours set up in the Scheduling module.

Route Settings

Setting Working Hours for a route displays available schedules for the time based visits.

To set up Working Hours for time based scheduling, navigate to the Scheduling module.

  • Select the three dot menu and then Manage Routes.

  • Choose a Route. Select Time-Based to view the option to set working hours under the Scheduling panel.

  • Select a day to set your Route Working Hours.

  • Click on the Add icon (+).

  • Click the clock icons in the Start and End fields to add start and end times for the days you have selected.

📌 Note: The time ranges that you set up cannot overlap.

Example: If you are create working hours to include an overnight shift to be scheduled from 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM starting on Tuesday night, you must set a time range of 9:00 PM-11:59 PM on Tuesday and another time range from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM on Wednesday.

When your route Working Hours are set, you can proceed with adding Time-Based Visits on the schedule board!

Things to Know Before Scheduling Time-Based Visits

The impact of using Time-Based Visits is valuable, and there are some important things to know regarding making changes to these types of schedules. Additionally, being able to identify and understand what these visit types look like when work tickets are scheduled is helpful.

  • Route Optimization is disabled for time-based routes.

  • Moving a Time-Based Visit to a route that does not have Time-Based Scheduling set up will convert that visit to a Day-Based Visit.

  • When viewing the schedule in Aspire's mobile app, the time zone is set based on the crew member’s device time zone.

  • To easily identify if Time-Based Visits are set up for a Route, a clock icon and time zone is visible in the Route information.

  • A gray banner containing Working Hours means that no scheduled visits exist yet, but there is a Time-Based Schedule set for that day.

  • A blue banner on a visit day means that there are scheduled visits made during the Route Working Hours.

  • A scheduled day that has a red background means a scheduled visit conflicts with the time of existing visits or that the visit is scheduled outside of the Route Working Hours.

  • A link icon appears on scheduled work tickets that cannot be modified because they are part of a Time-Based Schedule that spans multiple days.

    • To make changes, edit the scheduled work ticket that contains the Start Time.

Scheduling Overnight Visits

  • A Multi-day visit will appear as separate blocks of time on the Schedule Board and shows the days when the visit starts and stops.

    • For example, a visit for Monday at 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM on Tuesday will not appear as one tile on Monday. It will appear as 11:00 -11:59 PM on the tile for Monday and again on Tuesday for the remainder of the work ticket time.

  • You can only view the hours, noting the visit's length in the scheduled work ticket with the Visit Start date details. The scheduled work ticket that displays the End time will always display a value of 0.00.

  • You can stretch a ticket displaying the end time across the schedule board, but you must delete, drag and drop an overnight visit using the work ticket that displays the Start Time.

Now that you understand some of the basics of what Time-Based Schedule boundaries are and what they look like on scheduled work tickets, you can schedule away!

Scheduling a Time-Based Visit

Once your Time-Based Route has been configured under Manage Routes, you can proceed with scheduling your first Time-Based Visit.

  • Open the Work Ticket list and schedule a ticket on the schedule board.

  • The Confirm Visit Details window appears. Set the Visit Start and Visit End Date information. Save.

  • The Time Based Visit information is added to the scheduled work ticket.

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