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Using the Scheduling Assistant
Using the Scheduling Assistant

Read here to learn how to use the Scheduling Assistant for sequenced or time-based visits!

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The Scheduling Assistant enables you to schedule and reschedule work ticket visits easily by setting up schedules for sequenced or time-based visits. This helps save time and increases productivity, especially if you have many routes to manage.


Full Access to Schedule Board must be enabled for your user role to view and manage the Scheduling module.

Check that your Routes are set up correctly. This includes adding the correct number of crew members, setting up man hours and days, and configuring scheduled availability for the route. This information will be used to create scheduling suggestions in the Scheduling Assistant.

Understanding the Power of the Scheduling Assistant

You can launch the Scheduling Assistant directly from the Work Ticket window in the Scheduling module or from the Schedule Board in the 3 dot menu when clicking on a scheduled work ticket.

📌Note: You will not see the Schedule Assistant icon on Canceled or Completed work tickets.

  • Once you click on the Scheduling Assistant or the Schedule Assistant icon, the Schedule Visit window appears.

Route Manager and Route

Select the route manager associated with the route that the work ticket schedule is for.

  • By default, you will see the contact name of the route manager from the schedule board. The dropdown will include all the route managers you can view within your branch.


This is a multi-select field. The selectable routes that appear are based on the Route Manager you selected.

⚠️ If you change the route manager, the previously selected route is not saved. You must select a route associated with the newly selected route manager.

Date Range

Click on the calendar dropdown to specify a date range for your scheduled visits.

🧠 Select a singular date by clicking on the designated date twice.


Select a value reflecting the estimated hours needed to complete the visit.

  • If the estimated hours have been specified in the work ticket, this will be the default value in this field. However, you can update this value if need be.

  • You must enter a value greater than zero to view available scheduling options.

Available Schedule Options

Clicking Search provides a list of suggested times in the Available Schedule Options column of the screen. Click on the suggested time or day that you want to select for that work ticket.

The hours listed for sequence-based scheduling options reflect the total available hours for the day. The time range for time-based scheduling options reflect the Working Hours set for the route.

📌Note: The color of the scheduling option reflects the color associated with the route you selected.

Schedule for Route

The schedule option you select will appear in the Schedule for option section of the modal. The selected available option displays the current schedule for your chosen option.

Only sequenced-based scheduling options will display a tile in this section. Time-based scheduling selections require that you enter a Start and End time.

For sequenced-based routes, you can move the selected schedule option to reflect the desired order for the visits that day. Once you click save, this new order will be reflected on the schedule board.

If you select a time-based route, enter a Start and End Time that falls within the chosen available listed time range before saving your selection.

📌 Note: Selected time-based options will not display a tile on the right side, and you cannot rearrange the selected visit with the other time-based visits scheduled for that day.

Instead, the available time range is displayed, and you would have to enter Start and End times. It’s recommended to choose a time within the time range displayed, but you can edit the Start and End times to times outside of that if need be.

  • Click Save.

Once the visit is scheduled, you will see Visit Scheduled! appear and be redirected back to the Schedule Board.

Rescheduling Work Tickets with the Scheduling Assistant

You can reschedule visits displayed on the schedule board by selecting the 3 dot menu on the schedule board to reopen the Scheduling Assistant.

You can also reschedule Work Tickets from their Visit screen by clicking on a scheduled visit on the Schedule Board, selecting the 3 dot menu and by choosing Edit Visit.

The Assistant button is displayed and accessed in the upper right corner of the Visit screen.

Using the Scheduling Assistant on the Opportunity Work Ticket Screen

You can use the Scheduling Assistant with Work Tickets in Open, Scheduled, or Pending Approval status within the Opportunity Work Tickets screen.

After this display is added, a 3 dot menu for every available work ticket is available for use!

  • Add the Scheduling Assistant to the Opportunity Work Tickets screen by navigating to the Opportunities module.

  • Select an Opportunity in the status of your choosing. Click on the 3 dot menu and select Work Tickets.

  • Click the Display icon. Add the Scheduling Assistant field. Click Apply.

  • A 3 dot menu is displayed next to work tickets that can be used with the Scheduling Assistant.

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