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Using the Daily Plan Report
Using the Daily Plan Report

Learn about the Daily Plan Report and use it to help inform your team about materials needed for their jobs!

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As a production manager, you will be able to inform and provide your crews with a list of all the materials that are needed and that will be delivered on a per-visit basis when a Work Ticket contains more than one visit by using the Daily Plan Report in the Purchasing module.

You can view and manage the number of items needed for a day of work and account for items delivered during a visit in Aspire and in Crew Mobile with the Daily Plan Report!

As a crew leader, you can view the daily plan directly from the Visit Details screen in Aspire and the Daily Plan section of Crew Mobile. The current daily plan in Crew Mobile will display materials needed for a Work Ticket Visit. In contrast, previously, it displayed all the materials needed for a Work Ticket, even if multiple visits were included.


View Purchasing needs to be enabled to view the Daily Plan Report.

Edit Daily Report needs to be enabled to modify the Daily Plan Report.

View Reports and View Audit Report should be enabled to view Daily Plan Report Audits.

📌Note: If you are a Branch Admin with Enhanced Branch Security enabled or your user role is assigned to a specific branch, you will only see daily plan report information associated with your assigned branch.

Understanding the Daily Plan Report

The Daily Plan Report tab is found in the Purchasing module.

📌Note: By default, items needed for a visit is grouped by Visit Date and Route in ascending order.

The Quick Filters on this tab allow you to filter and display information according to visit day.

Available filters to use on the Daily Plan Report tab are:

  • Calendar

  • Route

  • Item Category

  • Inventory Location

When using the System Default list, the date you see will reflect the current day unless you manually update the date within the calendar.

You can also select Today's Scheduled Visits or Tomorrow's Scheduled Visits under the System Default list, or add your own filters and displays and save a new list.

The default display columns on the Daily Plan Report are grouped by Scheduled Visit Date, and Route. Important display columns available are Quantity Needed, Quantity Remaining, Daily Plan and Daily Delivered.

  • The Quantity Needed column displays estimated item quantities. If you initiate a change order on an estimate for a work ticket, the item quantity will adjust accordingly.

  • The number shown in the Quantity Remaining column totals values pulled from other columns. It is made up of the Quantity Needed minus The Daily Plan and Daily Delivered columns.

📌Note: When the value in this field is less than zero, the cell will appear with a red highlight so that you know the amount must be reconciled.

The following two columns are editable and can be altered by Production Managers that are preparing items for their work that day.

The Daily Plan column is the number of items a crew needs for a scheduled visit. The Daily Delivered column displays the number of items delivered at a job site.

📌Note: Work Tickets with more than one visit scheduled will display a default value of zero in the Daily Plan field.

To easily recognize Work Tickets that contain one visit, if there is only one visit scheduled for a Work Ticket, the Daily Plan and the Total Quantity Needed field reflect the same value.

You can customize the columns displayed in the Daily Plan Report and print or export as needed under the horizontal 3 dot menu.

Things to Remember about the Daily Plan Report Tab

  • If an Opportunity, Work Ticket, or Work Ticket Visit is deleted, the associated daily plan reports will also be deleted.

  • Labor is not included as a material item in this report. Items in a Kit will be listed outside of the kit and displayed individually.

Viewing the Daily Plan Report in the Scheduling Module

Another location you can review the Daily Plan Report is in the Scheduling module within the Visit Details screen.

  • Navigate to the Scheduling module.

  • Find a scheduled visit, and right click to bring up the option menu and choose Edit Visit.

  • A view-only Daily Plan tab is displayed.

If you click on an item listed on the Daily Plan in this window, you’ll be redirected to the Daily Plan Report screen to make changes.

Viewing the Daily Plan Report in Crew Mobile

The Daily Plan items appear in Crew Mobile for your crews to see what has been delivered, and will need to be delivered to their job sites for the day.

  • Click on Daily Plan to view materials needed for your job. The quantities displayed are on a per-visit basis instead of per work ticket.

  • After selecting Daily Plan, you can choose between seeing the Daily Plan items for Today or Tomorrow.

  • You will see a list of items and the quantity planned for that day. The item list is read only.

Items highlighted in red indicate items to be delivered or items that have been delivered to the job site.

📌Note: You do not need to clock in to see the Daily Plan.

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